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New Webzone Coming Soon!

New Webzone Coming Soon!
Say goodbye to this old and busted layout for my blog.

It's probably not that busted, but it is coming up to maybe 5 years old according to my first post here ever. I've spent the last couple of days cooking up something new! I'm still going to be using the same back end, so all of the posts and everything will be preserved exactly as they are, but the front end will look totally fresh.


I think one of the reasons my anxiety flies so high is when I leave things the same for too long, and my website is one of those. For some reason I've just spent a lot of time being too intimidated to gut my site and start fresh. There's something about digging into an old project... it can be scary!

Anyhoo, enough talking about it. Probably at some point tomorrow I'll be migrating all of the front end to the new hotness.
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