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Some Music Scribbles

Some Music Scribbles
Been meaning to post some songs that didn't come out completely terrible in some of my music attempts over the past few weeks. Here they are!



The first one is some sort of victory song I was trying to make, and the other one came out sounding like some sort of temple or dungeon type thing. I still mostly have no idea what I'm doing, or where I'm going in regards of what music software I want to try to use. Honestly I have the least friction with FL Studio, but for now I only have the demo version and I'm not sure if I'm going to be serious enough about this to justify dropping the dough on the full program. At least for now I'm still having fun in tracking programs, but I can definitely see the potential of using a piano roll for writing melodies.

More Music Practice

More Music Practice
For whatever reason I'm having a lot of fun with my midi keyboard so here's a couple of more songs that I tried to write. Song6 is sounding more intentional and I'm actually kinda happy with how it turned out which is pretty rare for any music I write! Check it out!



I'm still just using OpenMPT to write these. I'm checking out the demo version of Renoise but I often run into the same issue every time with it: I have no instruments for it and I have no idea where to find instruments. I've found a handful on the forums but it's not really anything that feels useful to me. I'm actually just looking for a decent drum kit to use for chiptune sounding stuff and I can't seem to find anything! I don't know if I'm just not looking in the right spot though...

Musical Doodles

Musical Doodles
So my ability to program is still pretty crappy, but for whatever reason right now I'm enjoying spending some time in openMPT trying to figure out how music works again. Every so often I get into a mood where I want to try to write music and this lasts roughly until I realize how insanely difficult it is to comprehend music.

Anyway, here are some music doodles. One of them is a little test to see if I could decipher a melody from a song I like.

* Song 0

* Song 1

* Song 2

* Song 3

* Song 4

Each one of these is between a half hour and an hour of placing notes and wondering what mysteries this universe still holds.