@ChevyRay I think you're really dang good at it to achieve that pace. It takes me like forever and a million years for editor features ;_; (Today)

@infinite_ammo cancel all my meetings that i didn't have. looks like i have other plans for today. (Today)

@infinite_ammo hahahh fuck I dont remember that and I should be all caught up. I must have missed that... (Today)

RT @Draknek: The Stugan deadline is coming up soon and @bnhw and I want to work on a new project there, looking for a 3D artist: t.… (Today)

@infinite_ammo oh god he's slamming the baby in the toilet. it's only a matter of time before he turns his toilet seat into a subwoofer too. (Today)

@infinite_ammo my fav is my upstairs neighbor who slams his toilet seat down also now apparently has a screaming baby in his apartment?? (Today)

@ChevyRay ugggghhhhh I LOVE MAP VIEWS OF THINGS AHHH (Today)

@jwaaaap I don't think you need to be SUPER HARDCORE but you def need platforming skills and the map system can seem kinda brutal at first (Yesterday)

@ChevyRay hi here is my tutorial on regular expressions this is how to verify an email address s/g+.a-Z0-9[]{/gi-?@/f-[a-Z]0-9??/gmail.com (3 days ago)

@TommyRefenes the lengths you'll go to become a metal gear solid boss amaze me (3 days ago)

@shaneneville t.co/9H8F5KlgFA (4 days ago)

@shaneneville well that sounds rad as fuck jfc (4 days ago)

@shaneneville tell me more (tabletop / pen and paper rpg systems are super duper fascinating to me) (4 days ago)

@Fruckert depends on my pace. if I'm working super fast I'll just have a text file in my csproj folder. if I'm slower I'll use trello. (4 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC I'm not far into this talk yet but do they discuss how most of the costumes make characters look entirely different and incompre (4 days ago)

I'm excited to make games today! *checks task list* Oh right I'm stuck on like 50 bugs I don't know how to solve. (4 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC just now realizing that I need a giant motivational poster of nasir over my desk at all times (5 days ago)

@obskyr YEAH I was bummed that the Hollow Knight soundtrack turned a bunch of the loops into short songs or arrangements :I (5 days ago)

I humbly request for video game soundtracks to feature more than one loop on the tracks that normally loop in the game~ (ESPECIALLY BOSS TRA (5 days ago)

RT @bitmOO: Hi, I make playful art! :) If you like my work please consider supporting me: 🐮 t.co/dFSRVxbXzf ☕️ t.co/F2hPwao… (5 days ago)

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2014 - 5 - 30 / 9:42 pm / doodle

Doodle Post



2014 - 5 - 30 / 11:51 am / otter

More Otter Updates

More Otter Updates

I've gotten myself into the bad habit of procrastinating on my game project by working on Otter some more!

I just pushed another wave of updates on the journey to the big 1.0.0.

* Text and RichText's rendering positions have been changed. The default origin will now be the top left most position of any text, instead of allowing for "bleed." This should make it simpler to deal with.

* The Tilemap class got a few updates including a performance boost for clearing tiles, and a final pass on tile layers. Everything in the Tilemap class should now be usable as intended.

* Documentation fixes and updates across the board.

* Debugger has been updated to adjust for the Text updates.

So at this point I think the only thing that's left is fixing whatever bugs come up. So if you hit any bugs in any point in Otter then please let me know on the forums!

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2014 - 5 - 24 / 3:27 pm / otter

Otter Updates

Otter Updates

Things are moving along for Otter, my SFML.Net based game making framework!

I pushed a lot of changes this week that is bringing it closer to the big version 1.0. I overhauled a lot of the code in the Graphics classes, fixed some bugs, and updated all of the documentation for mostly everything. I also went through and cleaned up a lot of the code and organized it into nifty regions.

Right now my plan is to just keep testing things for awhile yet to make sure there's no crazy show-stopping bugs before I publicly announce to the world that it's officially version 1.0. Some of my recent changes have not been tested that thoroughly yet, and there have been a few bug reports popping up that I've been fixing up, so I can only imagine there are more bugs lurking in the shadows.

As far as sprite batching goes, I decided that I'm holding off on official sprite batching support until after version 1.0. There is some stuff set up in the back end of things to turn on sprite batching, but there are a handful of bugs that need to be resolved first and I don't think I'm going to be able to get them squished quickly enough. Aside from that, my performance tests seem to indicate that sprite batching isn't really that helpful anyway.

If you're using Otter and encounter any bugs, you can let me know on the forums or directly on the BitBucket issue tracker.

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2014 - 5 - 23 / 3:51 pm / doodle

Doodle Post


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2014 - 5 - 22 / 12:26 pm / doodle

Doodle Post


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2014 - 5 - 20 / 2:00 pm / otter

Incoming Otter Updates

Incoming Otter Updates

Sorry for the total lack of posts over the past week. I guess I have gone into a heads-down mode for the updates I've been working on for Otter.

About a week and a half ago I went in and tore apart a lot of the code for Graphics and the sub classes. This resulted in rendering being totally messed up for awhile as I tried to figure out a good way to batch sprites using common SFML RenderStates.

So far this seems like a fruitless effort, as even when I have basic sprite batching working the performance remains exactly the same. If anything right now the bottleneck for rendering just seems to be iterating through all of the entities to render, so for now I'm going to hold off on officially supporting sprite batching until version 1.1 or higher.

I did make a pretty big breakthrough on Sunday and finished the last of the collision detection functions. The last ones on the list were all using the PixelCollider class. Some of the functions could be optimized better, but for now this will work for a version 1.0 release sometime in the near future. I don't imagine seeing the PixelCollider class being used that much anyway.

For the time being I'm going through every single class now and organizing it and documenting it (if I haven't done so already) Soon Otter will be a very neat organized package of code all set up with fancy regions and comments. Then that will bring me to the beta of (hopefully) version 1.0. If nothing goes horribly wrong, I would image Otter will be at 1.0 status in a few weeks!

It's not as exciting as working on an actual game, but there were some things lurking in the shadows of Otter that I needed to address before they came back and bit me later. Thanks to everyone that has been finding bugs and suggesting things for Otter! It's pretty awesome and terrifying to know that people out there are using the engine.




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