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Local Game Dev Community Tips

Local Game Dev Community Tips
This past week IGDA Phoenix held another one of its monthly meetings. We had about 60 something people turn up for the meeting to check out a presentation from one of our local game developers, which is pretty awesome. I'm the co-chair of IGDA Phoenix along with Corey, so we are responsible for putting together each of these meetings.

Our meeting turn out is pretty impressive, especially when new people show up and they tell me that they had no idea that Phoenix even had a game development scene. We're one of the few IGDA chapters (from what I hear) that has consistent monthly meetings, and I believe that we've only actually missed 3 monthly meetings in the past 3 or 4 years that we've been running it.

Since we've been running this thing for a couple years now and it feels pretty successful, I thought it would be neato to share some tips that I think are important to maintaining an active community of any kind!