@ADAMATOMIC bus out bloodborne all the way from bloodland (Today)

@vonFawks ehhh shootmania has some bad movement and other oddities that kinda made it fall flat for me (Today)

@flibitijibibo YEAH could have super cool freedom of movement on crazy maps with sweet flag running routes ahhhh (Today)

@AshBlueWD sonic mecha? :o (Today)

like dang I want to play an instagib capture the flag game with Cloudbuilt's movement systems *o* (Today)

This 3d platforming game is kinda rough around the edges but it's super cool and I like it a lot and it's on sale :O t.co/2aJ8Sc2DSv (Today)

RT @ChevyRay: My head is buzzing with excitement about working on Ikenfell! Help us reach our music stretch goal! t.co/9NgGzy9pjK (Today)

@ShawnWhite just haven't made the time to play it I guess :o (Today)

@Fruckert yeah it looks pretty fun but yeah I'm definitely seeing some issues watching it on twitch haha (Yesterday)

@vonFawks no you're great (Yesterday)

Whoa what is this cool new asymmetrical multiplay-- oh it has character progression with unlocks... #rip (Yesterday)

Whoa what is this new twitch thing did they finally integrate their own donation system?! *reads* oh... (Yesterday)

@frib137 I believe my dad has some German on his side, yeah. (Yesterday)

RT @mossmouth: Aquaria is on sale on Steam for the first time ever! 75% off: t.co/wVJFKynjut t.co/pOOUQQD6Ep (2 days ago)

@ZackBellGames @Bandygrass i just release things and don't tell anyone and then hide under my bed for weeks hoping nobody will see it (3 days ago)

@konjak delicious (4 days ago)

@konjak no don't it was only joke ok (4 days ago)

@konjak "wow iconoclasts was really good except that one sprite..." (4 days ago)

@Livelyivy this citrus knows not the bounds of this feeble reality (4 days ago)

RT @PCGamesN: "We prefer that a gamer pirates the game as opposed to paying G2A," says Action Henk dev. t.co/R2zbxdaAGZ t.c… (4 days ago)

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2016 - 4 - 19 / 11:20 am / general

Dev Log: Shield Effects

Dev Log: Shield Effects

Chipping away at some of the new work I've created for myself with Super Sky Sisters. So far it's been going pretty well! I'm trying to get the new boss's look and feel to a certain level of quality before pushing into the actual fight too much. Here's some of the effects for their shield!


And regaining the shield


The basic idea is that you'll have to use both sisters to take down their shield and then you can go crazy on their orb. After dealing a set amount of damage their shield will turn back on and the fight will most likely be separated into different phases based on how many times their shield was brought down.


2016 - 3 - 30 / 3:19 pm / general

Dev Log: Art Stylin'

Dev Log: Art Stylin'

While being sick I've done about 0 programming work. There's a lot of programming work to be done on Sky Sisters, so I tried to do some quick art tests for my dice game instead.


I'm playing around with the idea of super high res pixel art inspired by Jesse Turner on Viking Squad. The style seems incredibly powerful for a high resolution game with art done by just one person.

One of the things I've learned while working on Sky Sisters is that I really miss the flexibility of pixel art in regards to manipulating it after it's already on the canvas. Changing the color of high res art requires a lot of preparation and layers, while with pixel art the paint bucket tool can do the job. Having this flexibility with high resolution assets seems really promising!

Right now I'm working at double size and scaling it down for the actual in game asset. I usually do this for any of my high resolution assets, but in this case it gets me a little bit of anti-aliasing for the final in game asset. I might actually increase it more and try something like quadruple resolution for the source, but I don't know if I actually have to get that crazy.

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2016 - 3 - 9 / 4:46 pm / general

Dev Log: More Animations!

Dev Log: More Animations!

It looks like both of the players in Super Sky Sisters now have animations! I never thought the day would come but I think from the power of streaming I finally pulled it off. It was exactly as draining and soul crushing as I thought it would be, but I think I got some animations that aren't terrible.

So here's the player two angel from Sky Sisters in her fully animated glory:


With GDC around the corner I don't think I'm going to get any more updates in before then. I'm starting to feel the itch to return to my RPG idea as well, so we'll see how I'm feeling after GDC is all said and done. I still kinda don't have any idea of what to do with Super Sky Sisters aside from trying to maybe sell it on itch or humble and probably sell like 10 copies, but who knows!

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2016 - 3 - 2 / 5:58 pm / general

Dev Log: It's Happening!

Dev Log: It's Happening!

Today I finally started on a task on Sky Sisters that has been on my to do list since the very beginning: player animations!


I got all the sprites for player one done today on my stream. It started out pretty rough, but I think I have something I'm actually happy with. There's some minor adjustments to be made, like the line thicknesses of some of the frames, but that should be easy enough to fix up.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to finish the frames of player two, and maybe even implement all the animations in the game. After that if I can clean up the lines and other small issues, then the animations will be done and it will be one step closer to being a complete game that I'm happy enough with to release.

But with Game Developers Conference coming up, I probably wont have anything done before then. Also, uh, at some point I need to figure out what the music is going to be in this game...

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2016 - 2 - 22 / 4:06 pm / general

Dev Log: Sky Sisters Sky

Dev Log: Sky Sisters Sky

Over the past week or so I sat down with my twitch stream and worked on a new background for Super Sky Sisters. Check it out!




One of the most common pieces of feedback I was getting is that the sky was not really as cool as everything else in the game, and over time I agreed more and more with that feedback so I finally ripped it out and did an all new one. I think I liked the look of the old one still, but it wasn't coming across as that great, so out it goes.

The old sky looked like this:


Not too bad, but I think this is definitely an improvement. There's a lot more character and life in this new sky!

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2016 - 2 - 19 / 1:13 pm / general

Exploring Explosions Talk

Exploring Explosions Talk

Last night I spent an hour or so talking about explosions! It was an internet talk that I gave from the comfort of my room to the fine folks at Warp Zone in Louisville Kentucky.

All the materials from the talk can be found here if you want to follow along with the animations and video footage.

It was a lot of fun to put together the talk, and get to share my excitement over particle effects to other game developers!

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