@MattThorson "Tournaments make me too nervous" (Today)

@Data01 yeah saw this awhile ago, captures the genesis game vibe pretty well but I never got around to trying it (Today)

RT @infinite_ammo: Gonna be possibly looking to pick up some more contract work after GDC. Music and/or Code. <3 (Today)

@kertgartner how is your computer even running (Today)

@mandyrosler Found this! t.co/kLToN4kQMt (Yesterday)

@MattThorson Still want the original towerfall elf guy as a ultra secret character (Yesterday)

@katanadash dang I think I'm booked already Sunday night but that looks awesome (Yesterday)

@maxticket I do approve! t.co/Sba4ugiwX9 (Yesterday)

Anyone know of any board/card game meet ups happening during gdc? :o (Yesterday)

@unseven rugal was def on my core team in kof98 (Yesterday)

Shout outs to Charlie for learning Genocide Cutter from Rugal t.co/3lI8ENQ5Ol t.co/mAlvSntNps #Kappa (Yesterday)

RT @theBanov: Some words about biking across America t.co/QecZpz3mgB (Yesterday)

@theBanov @djcoreynolan Toothbrush, yes, photos, I don't think I have any :o (2 days ago)

@theBanov eating some halos tonight in your honor t.co/mzagQFkVkK (2 days ago)

@ChevyRay @merlemage @jouste GUN ASS FOREVER (3 days ago)

@TommyRefenes HEY, HEY, yOU WANNA TAKE THIS TO THE HOT TUB? (4 days ago)

@FourbitFriday @MattThorson is game art? Who is art...? (4 days ago)

@MattThorson I dunno what it is but attacking eyes is always fun. (4 days ago)

RT @igdaphx: This week check out a design talk about @Gravity_Ghost from @Livelyivy. Feb 25th 7:00pm at @EndgameBAR RSVP here: t.co/… (4 days ago)

UGH great going to have to flip my nocturnal sleep schedule back to normal for GDC next week :I (4 days ago)

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