RT @HeartMachineZ: If you or anyone you know is a topnotch GameMaker programmer and interested in helping us with a few things, hit up info… (Today)

@RakurinHD It was Ibuki who I was kinda interested in checking out so maybe it was just destiny (Yesterday)

@Capy_Nathan I think I still like 4 better but that is probably just due to how much time I spent with it, and 5 doesn't have sak ;_; (Yesterday)

@Capy_Nathan hmm yeah I am having fun with mika, karin, and juri but right now the characters feel more samey than they did in SF4 maybe? (Yesterday)

@mattjbaldo It purchased it with my fight money which is the first option in the menu, so when it buffered my input it just selected that. (Yesterday)

@Capy_Nathan yes the core game is really fun and cool and great which is why I am so dang frustrated at everything else (Yesterday)

I cannot help but laugh at what a horrible mess SFV is other than the actual core game itself. It amazes me more and more every day. (Yesterday)

accidentally bought a character in street fighter v because I tried to select a locked char and it lagged and I hit A during the lag fffffff (Yesterday)

@aceriou not an otter thing. You could use some windows api methods on init to force focus I believe. (Yesterday)

@aceriou yeah sorry that's something in windows I think. When you run without debug console it should just focus the game window (Yesterday)

@TyrusPeace I hear guilty gear is pretty good. The new KoF looks... weird. I liked KoF13 a lot though. (Yesterday)

@RakurinHD Yeah they look... alright? But dang between the UI, survival mode, and the excessive DLC I'm amazed it has players (Yesterday)

I like the core system and fighting part of street fighter v but wow everything else surrounding it stinky poop garbage (Yesterday)

@aceriou There was a Flashpunk "port" to C++, and Otter is based off Flashpunk: t.co/PBf41S4KRh Hasn't been touched in awhile though (2 days ago)

@aceriou Not sure, but if you're using C++ I would look into just using SFML directly, or look into C++ built frameworks rather than Otter. (2 days ago)

@StoryFort yaye yaaaaaaye (2 days ago)

@dejobaan I'M FIRED (2 days ago)

Working solo is cool and all but it also means that when I'm in a huge funk I don't have anyone else on the project to snap me out of it x_x (2 days ago)

RT @x01010111: If YOU help make @HaxeFlixel better, I can make better games for YOU to play!!! t.co/glJDPr5Oiw #indiedev t.… (2 days ago)

RT @gabetelepak: I'm looking for freelance design work to pay the bills! Plz RT 🙏 I have a wife + two fat pugs to feed t.co/TPdeMq… (2 days ago)

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2016 - 7 - 8 / 11:33 am / general

Holiday Break Game Time

Holiday Break Game Time

Things got a little chaotic for me over the last two weeks and I've felt a little bit distracted and was kinda forced into taking a small break on game dev. There's also the fact that Summer Games Done Quick is going on and that is just a constant distraction for the entire week.

So I took a look at my Steam library and there were a couple of things there that I needed to still get through. One of them being Environmental Station Alpha! I've been meaning to play this game forever but I never got around to it until pretty recently. I was a few hours into it and so I started playing it again and took it all the way to ... almost completion? (Spoilers: It turns out this game has a billion hours of post game content, and I think I've done all the major things I can do, and found all the cool things I can find.) So I figure instead of talking about my own games for once I can throw down some thoughts about someone else's game. read more

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2016 - 6 - 24 / 9:21 am / games

Dev Log: Demon Sisters Intro

Dev Log: Demon Sisters Intro

The time of procrastinating on this is OVER! This week I finally tackled one of my big remaining tasks for Super Sky Sisters: The intro sequence for the Demon Sister battle! (Mega spoilers, whoops, but hey, you're reading a dev blog so you get to know all the secrets.)

Here's the start of it:


The rest of it I'm going to put behind the "read more" link since these gifs get pretty hefty. For whatever reason my motivation was way up this week! So I was able to knock this out pretty quickly (just two days of time, yeehaw!) I think I gained a lot of spirit from the demo I did last Saturday where people really enjoyed the game.

Anyway to check out the rest of it, hit that read more link already. read more

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2016 - 3 - 23 / 8:48 am / general

Indie Olympics TowerFall

Indie Olympics TowerFall

Last week during Game Developers Conference I had the chance to defend my crown as TowerFall World Champion. The folks at Showdown, as well as the San Francisco area TowerFall community put together the Indie Olympics which featured a whole bunch of games, but TowerFall was center stage.

The tournament was probably the most legit TowerFall tournament I've ever attended. It was pool play with two players advancing out of each pool, and then top 16 all the way down to one. It was also double elimination which was super cool. The whole event was incredible, and you can watch it all right here, but for now here are my streamed matches:

Good games!

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2016 - 1 - 13 / 12:09 pm / general

Snapshot AGDQ Speedrun

Snapshot AGDQ Speedrun

At the start of the new year one of my game development dreams came true! That one game I worked on a billion years ago, Snapshot, was selected to be one of the games showcased in Awesome Games Done Quick!

This was a pretty big deal to me! I love the speed running, the speed running community, and Games Done Quick is like the biggest speed running event ever! This year they raised 1.2 million something dollars for charity, and reached over 200,000 viewers during the event!

But wait, there's more! Not only was Snapshot selected to be a part of the event, but I was also invited to appear live via voice chat to help commentate the speed run! The whole thing was captured on video:

I ended up having to wake up at six o'clock in the morning to catch the run in my timezone, but it was totally worth it. I think we ended up having 100,000 viewers for the Snapshot run, which is absolutely insane, and I'm guessing the largest audience I'll ever "appear" before. I'm happy I didn't puke during the run!

A huge thanks to Games Done Quick, Blechy, and Nightmare for setting it all up. You're all the best!

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2016 - 1 - 13 / 11:58 am / general

2015: What Happened Part V

2015: What Happened Part V

So originally I had planned to write out this whole thing about what my plans and changes were going to be in 2016, and I really felt like I had a lot of things to say about what I've been up to and how I've been doing mentally and all that kind of stuff, but then somewhere along the way I just kinda lost all the motivation to do that.

When I was writing the 2015 posts at the end of December I felt like I had some really intense feelings to scribble down, but as time went on those feelings kind of faded and I felt like it would be weird to write about them at that point.

Things felt a little derailed by the holidays, friends visiting, and Awesome Games Done Quick going on, so I never felt like I was in the mindset to write out a big heartfelt post about the new year. So now here is my best attempt at some sort of reflection of the past, and/or look at tomorrow... read more

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2016 - 1 - 1 / 4:43 pm / general

2015: What Happened Part IV

2015: What Happened Part IV

By this point of the year my life was really weird! I just got back from a bunch of traveling, moved out of the house I had lived in for a long time, and was staying with some friends and their family of three kids and three cats. Now that December is officially over I can finish my year recap.

By the time October started I had been staying with some friends for a week or two, I think, so I managed to get into some sort of routine. It's actually all a big blur in my mind as to where I was staying.

I spent some time finishing the last of the Otter examples I had planned out.


I even did a cool example on shaders which are still unbelievable magic to me.

This was the month I actually dove back into working on Super Sky Sisters as I somehow found some motivation again. I think the motivation came in the form of a double shot of espresso mixed with black coffee every morning.

Against everything I stand for I started adding a progression system to the game in the form of unlocking some various items from achieving certain goals.


A lot of people that have played builds of the game have requested some sort of progression system so I caved to their demands. I understand that a progression system does invoke positive feelings for a lot of people because unlocking stuff is fun, but I feel that a lot of games have these systems that shouldn't. I'm still not sure if Sky Sisters falls into the category of benefiting from a progression system.

I also spent some time adding an online ranking system to the game. It's an incredibly simple system, but I'm hoping it will provide players with some sort of ever lasting to improve their scores (it probably wont.)


I had spent a lot of time working on my game projects at a local coffee shop, and time just flew by. Suddenly my girlfriend's job offer came through, and it looked like our lives were about to change significantly once again. She accepted the job, and by the end of the month we would be making our way from Tempe, Arizona to Denver, Colorado.

We're already through most of the year and to the first month I spent in Denver. I spent some time getting myself and my games up and running with itch.io.


Wow look at all those cool games! It is really neat to see a bunch of animated gifs of stuff you've worked on (and released!)

Of course being in a new place now has inspired me to start a brand new prototype, but actually it's not so new! It's actually the same prototype I had back in January of 2015, but I started it a new as I had a lot of new ideas and a much clearer vision for it.

The first step of this new prototype was to make a sweet ui system.


I'm actually pretty happy and proud of this system I put together for dragging and dropping things! I do want to get it to a state where it's shareable, but right now I'm still finding the occasional bug and oddity so I don't want it out there quite yet.

Of course I made some more otter examples for cool things like tweening.


Eventually my prototype started looking more like this:


And my view from my desk went from a suburb street in the desert to a cool overlook of some of downtown Denver!


So overall moving has made my motivation go up quite a bit, but I seem to be channeling it into really weird things like not finishing Super Sky Sisters...

Work continues on my weird RPG prototype thing! Just grinding along at my task list at this point.



I really dug into the debug console portion of Otter as well as I started using it more and more for the RPG prototype. I went through and redid a bunch of the api for it as well and made use of C# attributes instead of weird debug command registering methods. The more I learn about C# the more changes I end up making to Otter, since Otter pretty much was my "learn C#" project.

The last thing I did was started working on inventory menus for my RPG prototype.


And that pretty much brings us to right now. I didn't end up traveling this holiday because of the recent move, and because I usually really dislike going back to the east coast in the winter... but of course this year would be the year that the east coast has the most amazing December ever recorded with record high temperatures. Well, I guess it's not that great since that means we're just inching closer to becoming Venus.

I mostly spent the week of Christmas and New Years off of programming. I've been spending a lot of time on art stuff, and hanging out with some old and new friends. Now I think I'm ready to start 2016!

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