@MoviusC soooo unreal tournament definitely tried terrain maps with their twitch-fps weapons and they were god damned awful lol (Today)

@MoviusC well if it were like a quake map there'd probably be less giant open spaces, or if there were they'd be in… t.co/0LK7FJCbVs (Today)

if PUBG was just like the same concept but a giant quake map and played like quake then I would be dead from playing it for 999999 hours (Today)

@TeddyDief ancient me: "my bloodline will carry out this task for me sometime before the sun consumes our home plan… t.co/T27Mb6a93W (Today)

RT @fell_martins: 💰💎✨ Boys and girls, I'm open for business ✨💎💰 Resposting artwork because most of my stuff is under very secretive NDAs.… (Today)

@RYStorm actually now that I think about it when I get really excited "dude" is one of the first things out of my m… t.co/xjxRg7aZtf (Today)

@dkoontz the brite side (Today)

@MOOMANiBE I grew up in ultra rural upstate new york and somehow I still got it (Today)

when i spend hours on a bug caused by typing x twice instead of x and y t.co/nOkvbJ2XQg (Today)

@NoelFB @RobClemmonsJr coffee totally kills my appetite and I may lean into that more than I should *passes out fro… t.co/QEri4qx8On (Today)

@NoelFB this is a "bad" habit, you say? hmm... interesting... heh heh... *totally not sweating nervously*... (Today)

I've accepted the fact that I'm just going to say "like" 500 times per minute when I'm talking, and that's just, like, how it is. (Today)

@raiganburns yeah something really frustrating about watching a term's meaning totally erode, especially when a ter… t.co/LnabpYVyJQ (Today)

@floatvoid holy poop I havent heard this one yet!! (Today)

@raiganburns seems folks have been using rogue-whatever when they just mean procedural generation for awhile now. (… t.co/yYGOokKJUu (Today)

when are these so called major "esports" teams going to pick up players for link to the past randomizer races?? t.co/mxXI5JRG2X (Yesterday)

@AshBlueWD @ESAdevlog this is legit one of my favorite games of the past couple years. amazingly executed metroidva… t.co/WAQq7r3MQs (2 days ago)

@dannyBstyle Yeah it was an insane disaster and I'm amazed everyone signed on and was like yeah cool this sounds good let's do this (2 days ago)

RT @ESAdevlog: Btw, ESA is 60% off (and OST 30%) this weekend on Steam & Humble Store!! Completely forgot to announce that, whoops https://… (2 days ago)

@dannyBstyle Haha too late. It was... a thing. The original trailer for it was amazing though so I'll just keep watching that. (2 days ago)

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2013 - 6 - 29 / 5:32 pm / general

Screenshot Saturday: Some Graphics


Starting to test out some graphics in my engine! I know this looks super hideous right now, but I'm starting to figure out the best pipeline for putting art into the game. I'm used to the old way of Flash where I could just embed everything into my SWF and it would just be one neat file... with C# this doesn't seem to be the best practice. I'm thinking about at least zipping up all my assets for distribution builds, but right now I have no idea how to do that.


So about a half hour later I got my Gradient graphics class working with parallax and alpha blending, so I was able to add the all important haze layers! This makes the background way less jarring. This is super-temporary art, but it still helps to polish it up some.

Hopefully this starts to shape up into a game soon!

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2013 - 6 - 27 / 3:52 pm / events

TIGJam 5 Aftermath

TIGJam 5 Aftermath

TIGJam came and went before I could even process what was happening, and overall it was an awesome event to attend (again!) It's great to be able to visit and see a lot of awesome people that live very far away from me, but it's also tough to really get into the jam groove when sometimes I just want to socialize with the awesome people surrounding me.

The first night we got to play some Magic The Gathering with the fully customized "Indie Cube" set. I think the full spoiler of the Indie Cube will be going up soon, but Edmund and George are still working on fine tuning a lot of the cards so it might be awhile still.

As far as work goes, I was able to get a surprising amount of work done on my C# SFML framework, but unfortunately all I have to show still are boxes. I was doing a lot of work under the hood that will make the framework easier for me to use, and also make it easier to use in game jam scenarios. I've been implementing a lot of things from my old AS3 framework and trying to convert them this new fangled world of not being able to just craft bitmaps for all of my needs. RenderTextures seem maybe like a good substitute, but they seem waaay more intense than just making bitmapdata (my monster video card I think can only handle up to 16 render textures at the same time.) Check out my boxes!


I ate a lot of awesome and gross food over the course of the jam as well. Ranging from fancy pizza, indian food, sushi, and... Burger King. I haven't eaten Burger King is quite some time and now I remembered why. I also got to head up to San Francisco for a day to hang out with some cool indie developers which felt totally surreal since I've only ever been in San Francisco during GDC. While there I of course went to Ryoko's to get God Tier sushi! (I ate like 6 rolls myself.)

Now I am back home in Tempe trying to figure out what the next step of my next game is. Guess I'll just keep coding stuff for now! Oh and here are some neat pictures from my flight back to Phoenix. There also seems to be an eyelash or something stuck in my camera lens now.



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2013 - 6 - 26 / 1:06 pm / doodle

Doodle Post



Actual physical drawings from my doodle book from the flight back to Phoenix after TIGJam 5.

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2013 - 6 - 22 / 12:25 pm / general

Screenshot Saturday: Framework Tricks!


So far at TIGJam I'm just working on my framework in order to get into the new version of Gaiadi soon. I added some new tools to my tilemap class, and also added a gradient and grid image class to quickly get those rolling in prototypes.

On to Day 3 to TIGJam!

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2013 - 6 - 20 / 4:21 pm / offspringfling

Offspring Fling Trading Cards!

Offspring Fling Trading Cards!

Hey whoa! The trading cards for Offspring Fling on Steam launched today! As far as I know, all you have to do is play the game for a little while and you'll randomly get some cards. Here's a preview of what you could get!




Apparently you can use cards to get like... emoticons or something, and profile pictures or something? I don't know, but I made lots of cool art for them so I hope you get them all!

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2013 - 6 - 20 / 12:14 pm / general

It's Time for TIGJam 5!


We're getting set up at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View for TIGJam 5! I think there are 80 people coming that are going to cram into this room.


Wish us luck.

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