Mega man x2 is starting soon get in here (Today)

Don't miss the mega man x2 race tonight it's an insane speedrun and should be mad hype! (Today)

@Lumin0via haha yeah I only get 2 or 3 on most stuff ;p (Yesterday)

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Oh my god there's a plush otter on the couch and a guy wearing a shirt that says otter club everyone donate immediately #SGDQ2015 (2 days ago)

@MllePilgrim @NoelFB wow how did you find those rare noels?? :o (2 days ago)

@Johnson20XX Yeah, also some of the combos that are just pure linked normals look insane. I'm still going to miss FADC... (2 days ago)

@Johnson20XX maybe, looks fun. I'm down to play anyone though because sakura probably wont be in it. (2 days ago)

Did you know: SGDQ's venue doesn't have any doors leading in from the outside. Attendees must perform a 1 frame collision glitch to get in. (2 days ago)

@BeeMickSee @tylerglaiel @konjak yeah why the fuck am I tagged in this? (2 days ago)

Now have the first 8 examples up for using Otter: Many more to come! (2 days ago)

@TommyRefenes cant wait for GDQ events to have full expo floors and NOS ENERGY BOOST STATIONS (2 days ago)

@TommyRefenes @Adobe Hahah yooooooo the blow ups #PogChamp (2 days ago)

@PowerUpAudio it would've been fun on a bun (2 days ago)

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2015 - 7 - 11 / 1:43 pm / general

Otter Updates

Otter Updates

Some quick Otter updates!

* OnAdded() timing has been changed for Entities. When an Entity is added to a Scene the OnAdded() method is now called after the Entity has updated its component lists. This is so that a component can register with the Entity's OnAdd method before the Entity is added to the Scene.

* Added GetTopEntity() and GetBottomEntity(). These methods allow you to pass in a bunch of Entities and find the top most and bottom most entity in the rendering.

* Added GetComponent() shortcut methods to Component.

* Added CollideEntities<T> method that will return a list of a specific type of Entity.

* Possible graphics changes. I want to explore the possibility of reworking the rendering system to allow for multiple transformations to be applied to graphics. This would possibly allow easier parent to child relationship transformations and more. Mostly because I noticed when working on games that I want to have multiple scales, rotations, and translations applied to graphics at times, and it would be nice if Otter had built in support for it.

That's all for now!


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2015 - 7 - 6 / 8:06 pm / general

Dev Log: Dragging Dice

Dev Log: Dragging Dice

I swear I'm finishing Super Sky Sisters... I had a friend try a copy of it for his multiplayer game night and apparently it was a big hit there, so I'm feeling pretty good about it! It's extremely tough to test it since I'm playing it by myself most of the time.

In the mean time between all of the other stuff I'm working on I've been playing around with getting a drag and drop system working in Otter.


I have an idea for a thing that involves dice... and I think a big part of it might actually having the dice be "physical" objects. I have a little prototype going, but that version doesn't have dice rolling and instead just buttons that show you what you rolled, but that doesn't seem that fun compared to actually seeing the dice bounce around on the screen. I don't know if this idea will work at all, but for now I'm having fun getting some of this drag and drop stuff working. I might be able to extend the system I made into something generic enough for other uses, like maybe some sort of basic editor for Otter games.


2015 - 6 - 30 / 1:10 am / general

Dev Log: Imp Anims

Dev Log: Imp Anims

The animation train has kept rolling on somehow with some animations for the Imp enemy. Although I'm not totally satisfied with this, it is better than the static image version for now. I don't know how much I'm going to be motivated to keep going over animations until they're perfect.


For now that just leaves the player animations left. Then when those are done I'll really have to figure out what I'm going to do with this game...

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2015 - 6 - 26 / 6:15 pm / general

Dev Log: Bloat Animations

Dev Log: Bloat Animations

Managed to get another animation done! (Until I decide that it's crap and I redo it again.) This time for the bloat monster that spawns mini versions of itself.


This one came out a little better than I expected it to! My workflow for animations in Photoshop is at least improving, I think.

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2015 - 6 - 26 / 12:06 am / general

Dev Log: Better Animation

Dev Log: Better Animation

I put that animation of the purple squid enemy into the game and realized it looks really bad, yahoo! This is why I hate animation... so I redid the animation to try to tone down the movement a bit.


It looks pretty good now, and I think this guy is just going to have one animation like this, so onto the next stuff!

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2015 - 6 - 22 / 5:14 pm / general

Dev Log: Animations

Dev Log: Animations

Whoa what is this! I opened up Photoshop and I'm actually working on an animation for Super Sky Sisters!


Just a simple little animation for the squid guy enemy:



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