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What's Up?

Boy howdy it has been a spell since I've stopped by with an update. You'd figure with treading my ADHD stuff that I'd be on the blog update grind even more, but I think what has actually happened is that I've bumped it off my list of priorities for what I'm doing on a day to day basis.

So before I dive into another full day of various tasks on Super Meat Boy Forever let's do a quick recap of the past chunk of time!

Travel Pillow Mock Up

Travel Pillow Mock Up
One of the main reasons I need to finish Sky Sisters is so I can get started on this dang game.


The full version is on my twitter. This is the main reason I'm still looking for an editor that easily supports tiles with bleed over on the edges. If this mock up were using strict tiles I would end up with a billion different tiles and a billion tile layers to make it all work.

Anyway just dreaming of what I want to do next. Probably with FNA!

Holiday Break Game Time

Holiday Break Game Time
Things got a little chaotic for me over the last two weeks and I've felt a little bit distracted and was kinda forced into taking a small break on game dev. There's also the fact that Summer Games Done Quick is going on and that is just a constant distraction for the entire week.

So I took a look at my Steam library and there were a couple of things there that I needed to still get through. One of them being Environmental Station Alpha! I've been meaning to play this game forever but I never got around to it until pretty recently. I was a few hours into it and so I started playing it again and took it all the way to ... almost completion? (Spoilers: It turns out this game has a billion hours of post game content, and I think I've done all the major things I can do, and found all the cool things I can find.) So I figure instead of talking about my own games for once I can throw down some thoughts about someone else's game.