@amitkakkar03 Oh, I see, it was a well hidden link. Maybe I'll check it out if trello or text files don't work out. (Today)

@amitkakkar03 I cant really see myself paying a monthly fee just for task tracking though (Today)

@amitkakkar03 hmmm that looks pretty intense for my one person projects (Today)

@Draknek Ohh, I guess I'm always using a monospaced font :o (Today)

@roxaloxa Yeah having a physical reward for a task is pretty important! (Today)

@LorenSchmidt dang you are an unstoppable force ~ all of your progress is super impressive! :O (Today)

@eigenbom I never even used images in trello so I guess I haven't really run into that issue yet :o (Today)

@eigenbom Yeah I used it for awhile with some success but kinda just fell back to using my trusty text files again. (Today)

@MattThorson I used to do this but then I would lose the paper or drop sushi on it (Today)

RT @jezzamonn: @kylepulver If you're feeling extra special you can also use these: ☑✅ (Today)

After trying a bunch of different task organizing techniques I've gone back to just a big text file with a list of stuff to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Today)

here is a checkmark character to use in your tasks.txt: ✓ (Today)

RT @SiegeGames: I'm looking to hire a C++ generalist programmer and a pixel artist to work on Crea with me. #gamedev #indiedev t.co… (Today)

@JordanFehr @ADAMATOMIC @BenRuiz @nealen but at least you know your husbando is en route ;_; (Today)

@JordanFehr @ADAMATOMIC @BenRuiz @nealen when I can play as sakura Kappa (Today)

@ADAMATOMIC bus out bloodborne all the way from bloodland (Yesterday)

@vonFawks ehhh shootmania has some bad movement and other oddities that kinda made it fall flat for me (Yesterday)

@flibitijibibo YEAH could have super cool freedom of movement on crazy maps with sweet flag running routes ahhhh (Yesterday)

@AshBlueWD sonic mecha? :o (Yesterday)

like dang I want to play an instagib capture the flag game with Cloudbuilt's movement systems *o* (Yesterday)

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2016 - 6 - 25 / 11:33 am / general

Dev Log: Tougher Foes

Dev Log: Tougher Foes

Part of adding more stuff to Sky Sisters was the addition of yet another difficulty level beyond "Impossible." It sounds crazy, but I do want to make sure that people that put a lot of time in the game have a lot to get out of it. This new difficulty mode doesn't have any effect on unlockables or achievements in the game, and is really there just for an insanely tough challenge.

I wanted to make this mode unique somehow so I spent some time making "elite" versions of all the enemies in the game.


These enemies have more aggressive attack patterns and will ruin your day a lot faster if they're not dealt with immediately. You can actually run into these enemies in a normal playthrough as well but not until you've made it far into the game. The game does allow you to keep going as long as you can survive, so eventually you face harder versions of the bosses, and now you can face harder versions of the regular enemies.

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2016 - 6 - 21 / 10:56 am / general

Dev Log: Demo Night

Dev Log: Demo Night

Whoops I've kinda neglected posting on my blog this month but I think it's because I've been so busy working on stuff! Which is a good thing. Maybe.

This past Saturday night I was invited to demo Super Sky Sisters at a Denver Comic Con "afterparty" type thing. It was a bunch of local Colorado game developers all showing off their stuff and it was fun on a bun.


I set up Super Sky Sisters and this was the first time in awhile that I was having not game developers play it. A lot of my feedback comes from my other game developer friends playing it, and although I get good feedback from them, it's not really the same as having folks who play a lot of games give feedback.


I feel like Super Sky Sisters is actually not that well received among my peers! This usually fills me with doubt as I don't see anyone get hooked on the game when I have other game developers try it out, and I usually feel like I am very careful to notice things like someone saying the game is good and fun and not wanting to play it anymore (which happens a lot.) These doubts were pretty much erased by the demo I had on Saturday though! The second group of people to play the game tried the hardest difficulty right away, and when they got destroyed they went right back in for round 2, and even a round 3. I went up and talked to them and they were SUPER EXCITED about the game and I feel like it was the first time in awhile that this has happened with Sky Sisters.


So things went pretty well! There were a few more groups of players that played the game really well. I was actually pretty impressed with the level of skill I saw going on with the demo. A few teams even made it past the first boss which I've rarely seen in my play tests.

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2016 - 5 - 17 / 3:50 pm / tools

Visual Studio and Itch.io Refinery

Visual Studio and Itch.io Refinery

Itch.io just released their brand new Refinery tools to the public and I immediately jumped into them head first. After just a little bit of set up I was able to get their new magic up and running for Super Sky Sisters. I have a set up now in Visual Studio in which I can select "Itch" as my build target and push F6 to build and deploy the game to my beta testers on Itch.

So using Visual Studio 2013 (and probably other versions can do this as well) here's how to set up your game to publish on Itch with just the push of a button! read more


2016 - 5 - 16 / 3:30 pm / general

Dev Log: Health Pick Ups

Dev Log: Health Pick Ups

Whoops I have been totally neglecting my blog this month. I've got a lot of posts to catch up on! I think when I stream a few times a week that actually gives me the same feeling as making a blog post, so I end up just totally forgetting to make a post about what I've been up to.

One of the things I'm playing with to make the demon sisters boss fight a little bit more fair is having the demon sisters drop health whenever they're knocked out by the players. Basically the demon sisters obey the same rules that the players do so they can be temporarily disabled by damaging them enough. Eventually they will revive though and continue their assault.


Sometimes the best course of action in this fight is to try to knock one of them out before they unleash one of their crazier attacks. Right now this boss fight is incredibly tough but most of their attacks are a lot easier to deal with if one of them can't join in. I think I'm actually approaching the end of this boss fight and that just leaves a few things left on the list (until I add more stuff but I actually don't see that happening again for real this time.)

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2016 - 5 - 12 / 9:45 pm / general

Dev Log: Damage Numbers

Dev Log: Damage Numbers

This week I did a quick experiment with Super Sky Sisters. I didn't really think it would work out, but it I was proven wrong, I think! I ended up adding damage numbers to the game. Check it out!


One problem in the game (and in any game I think) is letting the player know how effective their attacks are. In a game as fast as this one it can be pretty tough. There are a lot of objects that don't actually take damage from your bullets, but they still react. Some players end up continuously attacking things that don't take any damage, so hopefully this will help with that.


Not only is it useful for communication with players, but it also looks super cool. Why do numbers flying off of things make everything better? I'm pretty sure it's some sort of fundamental rule of game design.

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2016 - 4 - 27 / 10:57 am / general

Dev Log: Star Pads

Dev Log: Star Pads

One of the issues I'm trying to solve in Super Sky Sisters right now is keeping both players engaged. After some playtesting and feedback some players end up in scenarios where one player becomes the "dominant" player and the other just follows that player's lead. This can be somewhat effective for playing the game, but the non-dominant player ends up just kinda tailing along and isn't really having that great of a time.

One of the things I'm playing around with is the idea of having these "star pad" type things that appear on the map every 30 seconds. When one angel is in the star pad, the other angel will get a big boost of power. This has two effects that I'm hoping will shine through.


The first one is that in the situation where one player can't get a good shot on an enemy or a boss, that player can now try to position themselves on a star pad to give the other player a big boost in weapon power. I'm hoping this will give the non-shooting player an option to not feel like they're doing nothing.

The second is that it gives the players another reason to move and to end up in positions they wouldn't otherwise approach. I believe the game plays really well when the players are actually going for points, but a lot of players wont do that their first few times playing. Most players are just interested in survival for the first few times they play.

Probably more thoughts and changes regarding this soon!

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