Today on the streamz we started to throw together some ideas for a new background in super sky sisters :O #neat (Today)

okay lets see what we can do today on the dev strimm!1 working on co op shmup arcade survival whatever game (Today)

RT @theBanov: Wandersong's a musical adventure game!! Check it, we hope it hits the right....... "NOTES"! t… (Today)

Gonna probably dev stream today starting around 12:30 pst tune in at it's gonna be fun on a bun or just programming. (Today)

@PrinceJones33 @twobitart oh phew I thought it was a bunch of episodes but it's only this one so I guess that's okay for now........ (Yesterday)

@twobitart why would you link to a pete and pete episode playlist when I'm supposed to be going to sleep ;_; (Yesterday)

@StoryFort I wonder if the cloth thing can be subbed out for an asset store thing? Can you not revert the versions at all? (Yesterday)

@StoryFort was it animation stuff? I'm not too up to date on the changes between unity versions. (Yesterday)

@StoryFort bro that's like upgrading your click and create project to multimedia fusion 1.5 (Yesterday)

@twobitart what a twist!! (Yesterday)

@Livelyivy hahahah <3 <3 (Yesterday)

okay I promise this is the only one of these I'll do (Yesterday)

@theBanov hahah holy crap. game maker's integer ids for everything can sometimes cause insane chaos for debugging stuff (Yesterday)

@theBanov I wanna knoooowww (Yesterday)

@raiganburns I have received word that the best way to contact is just through the "contact the organizers" button on the bottom right (Yesterday)

"Everybody has a plan until they push 'Start Streaming.'" -Mike Punchman (Yesterday)

@ADAMATOMIC uggh I had to deal with so much comcast bullshit in the first like 3 days of moving to denver. isps are the worst ;_; (Yesterday)

@MattThorson I think the entire bay area TF community is a huge threat now :O (Yesterday)

GDC people come play TowerFall with me and other cool games on March 15th! (Yesterday)

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2015 - 12 - 27 / 9:22 am / general

Dev Log: Dice Bags

Dev Log: Dice Bags

Work continues on this dice RPG thing that has been in my brain for a long time. I've been working on a lot of stuff but neglecting to post about it, but here's a quick shot of some recent progress:


At the end of the battle if any enemies dropped any new dice for you to grab you can choose to add them to your dice bag. So right now the game uses a generic dice inventory user interface that can be loaded with different sets of dice. The dice that the enemies drop are loaded on the left side, and the player's dice bag are loaded on the right. You can also bring up your dice inventory any time in the overworld screen, and I'll actually probably end up turning the dice inventory screen on the overworld into the main menu that shows all your stats and what not.

It's been a lot of fun working on this prototype and hopefully that continues for awhile. I figure once I hit a wall with this I can go back and finally finish Super Sky Sisters like I was supposed to a billion years ago.


2015 - 12 - 18 / 11:38 am / general

Dev Log: Console Commands

Dev Log: Console Commands

This week has been pretty productive but I've neglected to keep up on my blog posts! I'm making pretty good progress and I've started trying out organizing my task list into week by week chunks. I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep my motivation up when I know I have a billion things to do, and I think just sorting tasks on a per week basis is a good start... maybe more on that some other time though!

For now this post is about using Otter's debug console to help run through battles in my current prototype.


I have a bunch of commands for manipulating the stats of different actors during the battle, and also some debug commands for stuff like winning an entire battle (for testing all that end of battle result screen type stuff.)

Also as I worked on this I realized that not a lot of people know about the debug console in Otter, so hopefully my next post coming up will be an Otter example regarding the console.

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2015 - 12 - 12 / 2:19 pm / general

Dev Log: Rolling Around

Dev Log: Rolling Around

Some things are starting to take form in my current prototype. You may be able to see what is going on now more clearly:


Some elements may be familiar with stuff I've posted over the past ... year? Ugh how does time keep moving so fast. Anyway, I have most of the basic battle stuff down now and I'll be working on some more menus and such for when a battle ends. There is a little bit of an "overworld" right now but it's just a big grid with some monsters to fight.

I'm going to hold back talking too much about it still and just keep working on stuff to hopefully show in animated gif form!

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2015 - 12 - 4 / 9:54 am / general

Dev Log: Fighting Monsters (Rectangles)

Dev Log: Fighting Monsters (Rectangles)

Working away at this weird RPG-ish prototype. Now I can walk around a grid map of some sort and fight an actual monster (red rectangle.)


You can see maybe a little bit of what's going on with this interface for the battles more clearly now. This is an idea a little bit inspired by a bunch of board games that I've played over the years and I'm curious to see if this idea has any hope of working digitally.

Still got a lot of stuff to do before this is playable but I'm well on the way!

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2015 - 11 - 30 / 10:38 am / general

Dev Log: Prototyping Battles

Dev Log: Prototyping Battles

Still working on this prototype for some kind of RPGish battle game. I've been reworking some parts of the little UI framework I whipped up for it, and also changing some stuff around and probably breaking stuff in Otter as I come up with new ideas of what I need out of the engine.


Right now it's super basic and I'm hoping to have a playable battle pretty soon. I've been making a lot of use of YAML for crafting the data for all the different pieces of the battle.

I'm pretty excited about the potential of this idea but I'm totally not sure if it's just going to be really dumb, so I guess that's why I'm taking the time to prototype it. I don't want to go into too many specifics of what it's going to be since I find that talking too much about my ideas kinda erodes my motivation sometimes, and also I don't know enough about what the idea is yet...

So I've been working on this prototype some, and the rest of my time is still being spent on the logistics of changing states and addresses which is for some reason a giant pain in the butt. If I ever make a boatload of money my first employee will be someone to just take care of life crap for me while I just work on games all the time.


2015 - 11 - 24 / 10:01 pm / general

Dev Log: GUI Stuff

Dev Log: GUI Stuff

I've been making some good progress on my latest prototype over the past few days. I got a quick GUI system working in the game but then quickly realized that my approach was pretty bad. After reading up on some articles written about making simple lightweight GUI stuff for video games I scrapped almost all the code and rewrote it.

My first approach was just having each GUI Entity operate independently and that worked for a bunch of simple cases such as a single drag and drop item, or a button that does something when it's pressed. However doing things beyond that, such as multiselect, and having different GUI elements pass info along to one another, requires a different approach.

The approach I settled on for now is something I've done briefly before with a quick prototype a few months ago. I'm now electing to use a single "controller" class as the base of the GUI system. The controller has a list of all the GUI elements it's in charge of, and almost all of the logic for the system is handled inside the controller.


A controller has a list of child elements that it controls, and each element can also have even more child elements added to it. The controller is the only element that receives input from the game, and anything resulting from that input is passed along to the appropriate element on the list of children.

I still have a little ways to go on a few things. I want to be able to get modal elements working so that I can do things like message boxes that have to be cleared before continuing and interruptions when important things happen. There are still a few bugs to sort out with clicking through elements and dragging stuff around, but so far I feel like my progress has been pretty great and I might have something playable way sooner than I thought!

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