@ChevyRay is there a difference to you between the entire game freezing or action freezing but effect animations still going? (Today)

@ChevyRay Huh interesting this is like my favorite thing ever :o (Today)

@ChevyRay the very best (Today)

@ChevyRay Watching the series for the first time and just watched that episode tonight haha (Yesterday)

@biphenyl why dont you have a podcast called computers coffee & socialism (2 days ago)

@TeddyDief @tylerjhutchison that's haymazing (2 days ago)

RT @saint11: Another tutorial, another run cycle. Check my patreon for more info and raw files (t.co/buw3dF8BTd) #pixelart #tutoria… (3 days ago)

i thought it would be fun to take some time and write a little journal for my pathfinder campaign character and uhh… t.co/D6M6iTyjkj (3 days ago)

@GreyAlien @MattThorson @braceyourselfok put the second trampoline upside down above the first this isn't rocket science (3 days ago)

@konjak you too? I'm getting like 3 of these a day from different emails mostly trying to impersonate streamers and youtubers. (4 days ago)

@isabelboyd @MllePilgrim don't pin this on me (5 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC @MattThorson as the romans once said resteroni in pepperoni (5 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC me irl (6 days ago)

@bvms300000 indeed it does, but it is the 1% of indie platformers that have slopes ;_; (6 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC theres something unique about the terror of finding out that something you thought was working the entire time has never worked (6 days ago)

@dws24520 fact (7 days ago)

@konjak i wanna play it :B (7 days ago)

@droqen these last two weeks fake key requests have sky rocketed for my stuff. new wave of bots gettin' aggressive or somethin' (7 days ago)

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U S A! U S A! no for real being an american is terrifying lol t.co/bc5Kuu62kj (7 days ago)

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2011 - 11 - 1 / 3:22 pm / general

A Month of Paleo

A Month of Paleo

I totally forgot to make any sort of blog post for the entire month of October, but I hope I can make it up by going into detail on what I was up to for the month. While I was doing my usual thing of working on video games, drawing stuff, and playing video games, I also took up a new challenge: Whole30.

This story really begins two months ago or so, when I was getting worse and worse at eating any food that was remotely good for me. I was eating a lot of cereal and whenever I wanted anything other than that it was usually a quick trip down the road for some kind of double cheeseburger and fries or out to indian food for a gross amount of rice and bread, or down to the thai restaurant for a pile of fried rice. My diet wasn't exactly the greatest, but for awhile I felt totally fine so I didn't really see any need to put any effort into changing it.

Then by a combination of working on too much shit stress and eating too much shit I began to have a lot of heart burn and overall stomach problems that were pretty distracting, and I wanted to try and do something about it. My housemates sometime do the paleo diet, as well as a lot of my friends, so I figured it was time for me to try it as well. My girlfriend Corey and I decided to make October the official challenge of Whole30.

What the hell is Whole30? Well, it's like Paleo but with some additional rules and more strict versions of already existing rules, and it's supposed to last for 30 days. Whole30 basically means eating real food, which they define as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and good fats. Foods with very few ingredients. Also no consumption of added sugar of any kind, processed food, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, and white potatoes. So my cereal and milk is totally out, as well as my double cheese burgers... no rice means no sushi either (unless I get the cucumber wrap but honestly I'm not too big of a fan of that) and no pizza... fuck.

Luckily Corey and I weren't totally alone on this. A lot of our friends in the area often eat paleo with a few exceptions here and there (In-n-Out, mostly) so we started off with a lot of resources. Our housemates usually make a lot of paleo food for dinner so started off borrowing all their recipes.

Warning: This post is going to be pretty long, so prepare yourself. If you just want to skip to the end where the most important stuff will be, that's totally cool. read more




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