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Exciting Web Application Gifs

Exciting Web Application Gifs
I'm realizing that I find web development (to a certain extent) pretty relaxing but also still productive. It's still coding which is pretty fun, but it's waaay less intense on my brain than video game coding. I find myself able to work on web development sort of stuff for 6 or 7 hours a day which is about double of what I can do for video game programming usually.

Here's some exciting things I've added to my Pathfinder character sheet web application thing:


Got a sweet health bar working to show how close you are to losing your character forever!


Tracking all the skill points for making those very important D20 rolls. Also I have the ability to add custom skills for all those knowledge and perform checks.


Armor tracking is important when praying to not be stabbed by a dragon's tail.


And the rest of the combat goodies.

The last things I have to go are weight tracking, and the spell list. After that I might add some more features like a game master or admin interface to see all of the sheets, or possibly a basic account system to track your own character sheets. My plan is to release it to the public for people to use on their own servers (I don't want to end up hosting a billion character sheets if people are actually using this thing.)

The fact that I can work on web stuff for so long during the day I think has a huge impact. I often feel like I'm not being productive enough because of how many hours of game development I'm able to do day to day. Since I can do a lot more hours per day with web development I end the day feeling like I was way more productive even thought that might not necessarily be the case!

I should talk more about this kind of stuff in its own blog post though, probably.
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