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Pathfinder Web Dev

Pathfinder Web Dev
Progress continues on my Pathfinder character sheet built with HTML, Javascript, php, mySQL, and css! Oh boy I love when I have to combine five totally different languages into a monstrosity. It's working out quite well though!


I've built some cool systems to save and load the data on the sheet with some jQuery magic. I feel way more comfortable using jQuery than I usually do for some reason. I think something about it really clicked for me working on this for whatever reason. Maybe all my time in C# land has improved my programmer skill levels.


The thing I'm most proud of right now is a generalized system for adding and removing things from a list. One of the limitations of our character sheet in PDF form is that we can't have dynamic sized lists of things. Things like our characters feats, abilities, gear, skills, and especially spells all suffer from hard limits in the PDF, but over here in the magical world of javascript I can make a list be any size by adding and removing rows on the fly!

I even worked out a system to save lists into the database and load them back out no matter what size they are. The best part is that I made it totally general case so whenever I come to a new part of the sheet that needs a dynamic list that can be saved and loaded I just have to add a submit button that's tied to the right javascript functions, and away it goes!

I think this break from game programming has been good for my brain so far.
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