@konjak @Lumin0via wh.. what (Yesterday)

"You can move the tab to another pane." "You mean the pain that the empty child feels?" -@Lumin0via (Yesterday)

A 16 year old using unity for the first time "...create an empty child? Oh my GOD. Fill that child with hope!" -@Lumin0via (Yesterday)

@MANvsGAME what the fuck you got madness glasses and didn't even tell me! (Yesterday)

@ADAMATOMIC now for a 3 hour lesson on crouch techs and plinking buckle up grandpa (2 days ago)

@Lumin0via rip in peace ;_;7 (2 days ago)

RT @djcoreynolan: Some days you're on top of your wrapping game and some days you're all... t.co/3b5r7i0gXS (2 days ago)

@goldbuick "okay mom now try doing shoryuken FADC into ultra" (2 days ago)

Good luck to all those teaching relatives how to use their new laptop, phone, tablet, or madcatz fight stick today. (2 days ago)

@Capy_Nathan merry sickmas :[ (3 days ago)

@DanFessler perfect posture (3 days ago)

@FourbitFriday Holy shit awesome (3 days ago)

@MANvsGAME @Ezekiel_III "I'll get you another wave bird..." (3 days ago)

@TommyRefenes t.co/JOQtjr6m0F #itisamystery (3 days ago)

@larsiusprime I wish companies would provide ways for people to run servers for games that get shut down. (4 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC that gif is like my year except all the plates are on the ground broken except for one that has a pile of sushi on it (4 days ago)

@GreyAlien @MattThorson yeah I've been in a flight with screaming people. Also a landing where everyone applauded when we hit the ground lol (4 days ago)

@Capn_Andy @GreyAlien I want to like flying Andy I really dooooo (5 days ago)

@GreyAlien blah it sucks. I know that it's irrational but every bump gives me a shot of adrenaline which leads to panic (5 days ago)

@21yobear yeah but the street isn't 30k feet off the ground ;D (5 days ago)


2012 - 5 - 11 / 1:55 pm / offspringfling

Offspring Fling Mothers Day Update on STEAM!

Offspring Fling Mothers Day Update on STEAM!

Hey everyone! Offspring Fling version 1.1 is finally here, a.k.a. the Mothers Day Update! What better way to celebrate mothers day weekend with a game all about throwing children around?

As I type this I've been awake for 30+ hours now, going crazy with stress from the Steam release, so I think I'll save a more formal post for later. For now. go tell all your friends to get Offspring Fling on Steam!


2012 - 5 - 11 11:37 PM


Great job, Kyle!


2012 - 5 - 12 7:38 AM


Thanks! :)


2012 - 5 - 13 7:27 PM

Mr. Scheppel

The Trailer was hilarious. You make the 90's proud. I look forward to checking the game demo out.


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