@ChevyRay the very best (Today)

@ChevyRay Watching the series for the first time and just watched that episode tonight haha (Yesterday)

@biphenyl why dont you have a podcast called computers coffee & socialism (2 days ago)

@TeddyDief @tylerjhutchison that's haymazing (2 days ago)

RT @saint11: Another tutorial, another run cycle. Check my patreon for more info and raw files (t.co/buw3dF8BTd) #pixelart #tutoria… (3 days ago)

i thought it would be fun to take some time and write a little journal for my pathfinder campaign character and uhh… t.co/D6M6iTyjkj (3 days ago)

@GreyAlien @MattThorson @braceyourselfok put the second trampoline upside down above the first this isn't rocket science (3 days ago)

@konjak you too? I'm getting like 3 of these a day from different emails mostly trying to impersonate streamers and youtubers. (3 days ago)

@isabelboyd @MllePilgrim don't pin this on me (4 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC @MattThorson as the romans once said resteroni in pepperoni (5 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC me irl (6 days ago)

@bvms300000 indeed it does, but it is the 1% of indie platformers that have slopes ;_; (6 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC theres something unique about the terror of finding out that something you thought was working the entire time has never worked (6 days ago)

@dws24520 fact (6 days ago)

@konjak i wanna play it :B (6 days ago)

@droqen these last two weeks fake key requests have sky rocketed for my stuff. new wave of bots gettin' aggressive or somethin' (7 days ago)

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U S A! U S A! no for real being an american is terrifying lol t.co/bc5Kuu62kj (7 days ago)

@adamfDev godspeed (7 days ago)

@raiganburns distance queries eh? sounds neat as heck (7 days ago)


2013 - 6 - 20 / 4:21 pm / offspringfling

Offspring Fling Trading Cards!

Offspring Fling Trading Cards!

Hey whoa! The trading cards for Offspring Fling on Steam launched today! As far as I know, all you have to do is play the game for a little while and you'll randomly get some cards. Here's a preview of what you could get!




Apparently you can use cards to get like... emoticons or something, and profile pictures or something? I don't know, but I made lots of cool art for them so I hope you get them all!

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2013 - 6 - 21 12:13 AM

Collision Cat

This is awesome! But Momma Flinger and her Lost Offspring are such adorable fluffy creatures that I love so much, I'm a bit disappointed that the badges aren't pictures of them!


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