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2015: What Happened Part II

2015: What Happened Part II
Hey it's another recap post to see if I actually did anything this year, yeehaw! I think I did some stuff, but it's never enough!


In the magical land of Super Sky Sisters I thought it would be an amazing idea to make some sort of graphing system for the end of each round that is played. I remember this being pretty fun to work on, but I have no idea if it was worth it. Then again, I never have any idea if anything is worth it!


Look at how cool that looks though!

More work went into the menus:


And a help screen:



It looks like this month I started to run out of steam after working on a bunch of menu stuff for what felt like forever. I think this was the point where I realized all my work on the menus and UI stuff was totally eclipsing the amount of work I had done on the game, and that probably did a number on my motivation.

I was doodling a lot this month.


And I also did a presentation at the Phoenix IGDA about making explosions and that was pretty fun.


This was when Sky Sisters began to feel like a weight. I became so close to being finished with it but I just felt like it wasn't there. I had to do the player animations, and I still, cannot do it. Whenever I try I just end up making garbage art that I'm never happy with, and I still feel like the game is just not there... if a game is just "okay" then it might as well be just total crap, right? Nobody will play an "okay" game when there are so many amazing games out there.

Whoa okay don't want to get carried away on a rant just yet. I'll save that for another post. Let's just get to the next month...


Okay so let's procrastinate on this game by adding more useless junk to it. I don't know. I worked on making the graph at the end of a Sky Sisters round super optimized so it wouldn't take a long time to load for long rounds.


I then buckled down and tried to animate some of the enemies for Super Sky Sisters and well it went okay I guess.


I ended up redoing that animation later because dang it is so bad.

I also began my existential crisis about the future of my game engine that's still happening today. Was it a good idea to even make this engine? I guess I've had a lot of fun with it... and people are using it... but is it really good enough to ship anything with? I don't think I have enough technical background to push it much further, and it probably needs a lot more work to be totally sound... I don't know! Another rant I'll save for later I guess.

I did this animation for Sky Sisters that just looks way better than everything else in the game, whoops.


I guess by now I was feeling better about Sky Sisters with some animations getting done, but as usual I'm pretty sure I was a horrible mess of stress and anxiety as I just tried to push forward on everything. Neat.
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