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Otter Updates: Rich Text

Otter Updates: Rich Text
The RichText class I posted about is now available in the latest update for Otter. That means you can do things like this:


With just a string with mark up codes, like this:

"{shadow:2}I can levitate {color:f00}birds{color:fff} but {waveAmpY:5}{waveRate:5}nobody cares..."

Also included in the latest update are a bunch of minor fixes for things that I've stumbled across, and also a minor change in how the update loop works... if this breaks anything then I'll change it back, but so far it looks fine.

The other thing I added in these latest updates is the PixelCollider class. So far the PixelCollider can only work against other PixelCollders, BoxColliders, and GridColliders. I'll be adding the other types of collision soon, but for now that should be enough to get by on for most cases where you want to use pixel colliders.

You can find Otter on the internet, and if you're using it you should totally register and post in the forums!


Jacob Albano
Jacob Albano
This looks super amazing but I shudder to think of how many draw calls must be going on right now. Are you using SFML Text objects, or did you reimplement it with vertex arrays?
Posted December 5th 2013 9:50 AM
There's one draw call still. It's all vertex arrays ;D
Posted December 10th 2013 6:27 PM
Jacob Albano
Jacob Albano
Posted December 11th 2013 10:59 AM
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