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Dev Log: Otter Rich Text

Dev Log: Otter Rich Text
Oh my GOD It's December already. Where has the year gone! I've been still cranking away at some Otter features in the little time I had this past week with Thanksgiving madness. Next up on my to do list is rich text! Check it out:


I'll be making a push soon with a rough pass of this working. I still have some work to do to make it useable for stuff like typing out text, and proper word wrapping, but it's looking pretty good so far. It's going to have a lot of similar features to my never used or released bitmap font classes for Flashpunk.

I'm also slowly chipping away at my next major game, but we'll see how that pans out. I have a lot of prototyping to do, but adding features to Otter is always fun and also helps me out with prototyping stuff.
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