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Musical Doodles

Musical Doodles
So my ability to program is still pretty crappy, but for whatever reason right now I'm enjoying spending some time in openMPT trying to figure out how music works again. Every so often I get into a mood where I want to try to write music and this lasts roughly until I realize how insanely difficult it is to comprehend music.

Anyway, here are some music doodles. One of them is a little test to see if I could decipher a melody from a song I like.

* Song 0

* Song 1

* Song 2

* Song 3

* Song 4

Each one of these is between a half hour and an hour of placing notes and wondering what mysteries this universe still holds.


songs 2 and 3 are best for me :)
Posted January 28th 2016 8:28 AM
cool :) song 2 is a melody from Undertale though so I don't get any credit for that haha
Posted January 28th 2016 1:44 PM
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