@aceriou There was a Flashpunk "port" to C++, and Otter is based off Flashpunk: t.co/PBf41S4KRh Hasn't been touched in awhile though (Today)

@aceriou Not sure, but if you're using C++ I would look into just using SFML directly, or look into C++ built frameworks rather than Otter. (Today)

@StoryFort yaye yaaaaaaye (Today)

@dejobaan I'M FIRED (Today)

Working solo is cool and all but it also means that when I'm in a huge funk I don't have anyone else on the project to snap me out of it x_x (Today)

RT @x01010111: If YOU help make @HaxeFlixel better, I can make better games for YOU to play!!! t.co/glJDPr5Oiw #indiedev t.… (Today)

RT @gabetelepak: I'm looking for freelance design work to pay the bills! Plz RT 🙏 I have a wife + two fat pugs to feed t.co/TPdeMq… (Today)

@SteveSwink hello yes my cat is ascending to godhood in my dining room please advise (Today)

photoshop: you have to merge all layers before you do this!!1 *click "dont merge"* *everything works just fine* ok (Today)

@Sosowski yeah please dont blow yourself up touching stuff inside one of those x_x (Yesterday)

@fell_martins @theBanov even with the sticker rules PAX has been my favorite thing to exhibit at~ (2 days ago)

@theBanov few years back we were heavily advised against stickers. if they find them on walls, and can be traced back to you, you pay for it (2 days ago)

@Lumin0via it ok dont be cry (2 days ago)

RT @ChevyRay: Last 4 hours to back my game about a magic school gone awry! t.co/9NgGzy9pjK t.co/06UBiPjEni (3 days ago)

@TommyRefenes I'M ON MY WAY (4 days ago)

@dicey for real what does those trees sound like if they was a waveform (5 days ago)

RT @ChevyRay: Only 52 hours left to back my adorable witch-school RPG on Kickstarter! t.co/hDn3USWAGQ t.co/fh645TFbOV (5 days ago)

@1bitgrit Nope but I am googling it now! (5 days ago)

@konjak shell shock (6 days ago)

@thegamedesigner hahah I wiiish (6 days ago)


2016 - 7 - 16 / 10:33 am / general

Dev Log: Background Stuff

Dev Log: Background Stuff

Going to be honest and say July has been kind of a crap month for game development. I think it's been a good month overall so far, but it's been full of crazy distractions. I'm on another break this weekend as I hang out with a bunch of people watching EVO, so I'm still not surrounded by a lot of time to work on stuff... and there's another slight distraction known as Pokemon Go which I've given into since it motivates me to walk around the city a lot more.

Anyhow here's some new stuff for Super Sky Sisters. I'm working on new backgrounds to change things up as players progress through the game.



Hopefully I can get back on track pretty soon after EVO wraps up, and then I have a pretty long stretch of undisturbed time until PAX!

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2016 - 7 - 8 / 11:33 am / general

Holiday Break Game Time

Holiday Break Game Time

Things got a little chaotic for me over the last two weeks and I've felt a little bit distracted and was kinda forced into taking a small break on game dev. There's also the fact that Summer Games Done Quick is going on and that is just a constant distraction for the entire week.

So I took a look at my Steam library and there were a couple of things there that I needed to still get through. One of them being Environmental Station Alpha! I've been meaning to play this game forever but I never got around to it until pretty recently. I was a few hours into it and so I started playing it again and took it all the way to ... almost completion? (Spoilers: It turns out this game has a billion hours of post game content, and I think I've done all the major things I can do, and found all the cool things I can find.) So I figure instead of talking about my own games for once I can throw down some thoughts about someone else's game. read more

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2016 - 6 - 29 / 8:42 pm / doodle

Doodle Post


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2016 - 6 - 29 / 8:41 pm / general

Dev Log: Sky Sister Portals

Dev Log: Sky Sister Portals

As I gather more feedback and suggestions my task list for Sky Sisters unfortunately is exploding with tasks and bug fixes! I'm having a lot of fun working on the game but by now I'm getting itchy to finish it. Remember when like, last year, I was going to finish it and put it out there? Well, so much for that.

One of the pieces of feedback that has been lingering for awhile is addressing what happens after a boss fight. The original idea was that after a boss fight far enough into the game an exit portal would open up and you'd have the option to take it and end the game. By doing this you double your score and officially "survive" the game. If you waited long enough then the exit portal would disappear and your next chance to take one would be after the next boss fight.

The whole "waiting around until the exit portal disappears" wasn't really working out that well. It was tough for players to understand it, and a lot of times they would accidentally miss their chance to take the portal because they didn't know how to use it right away. So now I've taken out the single exit portal and I've replaced it with two portals.


The portal with the skull on it takes you further into the game and you will face tougher challenges and more bosses, and the portal with the heart is the path to salvation. I've also made some overall changes to the game's timer system that lets the players wait as long as they want to make their choice. The game now only counts "survival time" which means the game timer only ticks when you're facing a threat. Otherwise it will wait around for you to move on.


I've also made a change to the way that the sky backgrounds work. Before it would slowly fade through a number of color palettes, but now I change the palette of the sky after taking the skull portal. The sudden change in the sky color after taking a portal feels like some form of progress, I think. There is some demand for more background art, but we'll see if I can get that far.

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2016 - 6 - 25 / 11:38 am / doodle

Doodle Post


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2016 - 6 - 25 / 11:33 am / general

Dev Log: Tougher Foes

Dev Log: Tougher Foes

Part of adding more stuff to Sky Sisters was the addition of yet another difficulty level beyond "Impossible." It sounds crazy, but I do want to make sure that people that put a lot of time in the game have a lot to get out of it. This new difficulty mode doesn't have any effect on unlockables or achievements in the game, and is really there just for an insanely tough challenge.

I wanted to make this mode unique somehow so I spent some time making "elite" versions of all the enemies in the game.


These enemies have more aggressive attack patterns and will ruin your day a lot faster if they're not dealt with immediately. You can actually run into these enemies in a normal playthrough as well but not until you've made it far into the game. The game does allow you to keep going as long as you can survive, so eventually you face harder versions of the bosses, and now you can face harder versions of the regular enemies.

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