@NoelFB Whenever I flip my drawings and try to fix them I just end up making them warped in the opposite direction ;_; (Today)

RT @theBanov: Everyone should probably retweet this tweet, because this game is gonna be baller: t.co/6jJ01UkEI4 (Today)

@TristanParrish I'm 48 and corey is 24 ;D (Yesterday)

@TeddyDief nice p54 ! (Yesterday)

@MattThorson ya rite that probably has 40ms at least B) #Kappa (Yesterday)

oh my god the internet has been on point with otter gifs lately t.co/UIlHgaL0PQ (2 days ago)

RT @CapForeverRemix: Captain Forever Remix is out now! 15% off week-one sale! t.co/J8DOYJ3vN3 t.co/FfOKzrtPs7 (2 days ago)

@gritfish haha awesome! I'm glad it still works (2 days ago)

@TeddyDief he enjoys the finer things in life (2 days ago)

@TeddyDief adult Teddy is like "dude... I just brewed you some fresh coffee lets DO THIS!" and does a backflip (2 days ago)

@dannyBstyle maybe just go by "your majesty" from now on (3 days ago)

@MANvsGAME like a leaf in the wind (3 days ago)

@phubans @supershigi Phuuuuuubaaannns *studio audience laughter* (3 days ago)

@phubans especially after the patch that fixed a bunch of the funky cube collisions (3 days ago)

@phubans one of my favorite games EVER (3 days ago)

@kinifi t.co/XVuKoqYbFC (4 days ago)

@Livelyivy We're not DONE YET WE STILL HAVE 3 MORE ROUNDS! (4 days ago)

@MattThorson my hyper jumps and dashes are ready (4 days ago)

@Capn_Andy out of ink ;_; (5 days ago)

@Anlysia I am learnin' some more stuff about building menus so it will be useful for a larger game I hope! (5 days ago)


2015 - 3 - 18 / 5:17 pm / general

Dev Log: Title Screen


Working on some arts for a cool title screen for Super Sky Sisters, and probably using some of this art for the menus as well. Almost done with the game! I should probably add sound too at some point.

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2015 - 3 - 18 / 3:14 am / general

Dev Log: Snakes in the Sky

Dev Log: Snakes in the Sky

Slowly getting the ball rolling again on Sky Sisters after my trip to San Francisco for Game Developers Conference. I ended up getting pretty sick during the week, but I actually didn't realize how sick I was until I got back. Whoops!

So now I'm recovering from being sick and getting back into coding. I really hate being pulled away from projects for stuff like travel, even though traveling is a lot of fun. It takes me so long to get back into working on a project, especially when the code base is getting bigger and bigger, and Sky Sisters's code base isn't even that huge! (Actually it might already be larger than Offspring Fling, haha!)


I'm now working on the third and final boss that the game will feature. This one is going to be a big snake kinda guy that will crawl around the screen taking shots at the players and their orb. I kinda just feel out the design of these bosses by just throwing stuff into the game and seeing what it inspires, and I'm pretty excited to see where this boss goes!

Back to work!

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2015 - 3 - 15 / 3:21 pm / doodle

Doodle Post


Haven't been able to really program much since getting back from GDC. I got sick and I'm still recovering so instead I just mess around in Manga Studio.

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2015 - 3 - 12 / 1:45 pm / doodle

Doodle Post


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2015 - 3 - 9 / 6:24 pm / doodle

Doodle Post


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2015 - 3 - 9 / 10:36 am / events

Humble TowerFall Invitational

Humble TowerFall Invitational

Just got back from Game Developers Conference last night! I'll be writing up some sort of thoughts and feels post about it soon, but for now enjoy some matches from the TowerFall Invitational put on by Humble Bundle this year!

Greg Lobanov vs Matt Thorson

Me vs Connor Ullmann

Me vs Frederic Tarabout

The tournament was absolutely incredible this year. We had over 70 entrants in the whole thing all playing 1v1 best out of 3 (and the grand finals were best out of 5.) It was hosted at Folsom Street Foundry which was just an amazing venue to say the least. I really hope this continues and becomes a solidified GDC tradition!

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