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Otter Updates

Otter Updates
Things are moving along for Otter, my SFML.Net based game making framework!

I pushed a lot of changes this week that is bringing it closer to the big version 1.0. I overhauled a lot of the code in the Graphics classes, fixed some bugs, and updated all of the documentation for mostly everything. I also went through and cleaned up a lot of the code and organized it into nifty regions.

Right now my plan is to just keep testing things for awhile yet to make sure there's no crazy show-stopping bugs before I publicly announce to the world that it's officially version 1.0. Some of my recent changes have not been tested that thoroughly yet, and there have been a few bug reports popping up that I've been fixing up, so I can only imagine there are more bugs lurking in the shadows.

As far as sprite batching goes, I decided that I'm holding off on official sprite batching support until after version 1.0. There is some stuff set up in the back end of things to turn on sprite batching, but there are a handful of bugs that need to be resolved first and I don't think I'm going to be able to get them squished quickly enough. Aside from that, my performance tests seem to indicate that sprite batching isn't really that helpful anyway.

If you're using Otter and encounter any bugs, you can let me know on the forums or directly on the BitBucket issue tracker.


Jesse Chounard
Jesse Chounard
On mobile, batching is absolutely required, but on desktop platforms I've found you can largely get away without it.

In fact, not batching allows you a lot of flexibility. Sorting by pixel shaders in addition to textures is a pain in the neck. With depth sorting getting in the way if you're using translucency in your layers. (Keep in mind, I'm far from an expert about such things.)
Posted May 24th 2014 4:14 PM
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