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More Otter Updates

More Otter Updates
I've gotten myself into the bad habit of procrastinating on my game project by working on Otter some more!

I just pushed another wave of updates on the journey to the big 1.0.0.

* Text and RichText's rendering positions have been changed. The default origin will now be the top left most position of any text, instead of allowing for "bleed." This should make it simpler to deal with.

* The Tilemap class got a few updates including a performance boost for clearing tiles, and a final pass on tile layers. Everything in the Tilemap class should now be usable as intended.

* Documentation fixes and updates across the board.

* Debugger has been updated to adjust for the Text updates.

So at this point I think the only thing that's left is fixing whatever bugs come up. So if you hit any bugs in any point in Otter then please let me know on the forums!
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