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Dev Log: The Art Grind

Dev Log: The Art Grind
It seems that the problem with working on any sort of project is that it is inevitable that the things I hate doing will end up at the end of the task list. As the project gets closer and closer to the end it will be nothing but tasks that I hate and progress seems to crawl to a halt... I guess sometimes the benefit though is that I can tune up other parts of the project as I procrastinate... anyway that's the topic of a different post, I think. For now check out some final art I have to do for Sky Sisters.


The game gives you a difficulty option for fighting the demon sisters after you've defeated them once, so they have some art for that. More spoilery art after the jump!


This is the secret third sister, Kela! She's actually trapped in the demon sister's orb, so when you defeat them you actually free her and get a slightly different ending. Neat!

I still have to animate the demon sisters, and do the artwork for the story bits of the game, but now that I think about it... those might be the only art tasks actually remaining the entire game right now. Yeehaw!
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