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Dev Log: Super Sky Sisters Secrets

Dev Log: Super Sky Sisters Secrets
This post probably contains spoilers of Super Sky Sisters...! But if you're following my updates or my dev stream then you probably know everything already by now anyway.

Last week on the dev stream a discussion started of having a boss fight that is made up of multiple, individual pieces. As the game plays right now there are three bosses that are all big creatures made up of multiple parts. The idea proposed was a boss where the parts are separate and can move and attack on their own.

This started to mix with an idea I heard while at GDC which was some sort of 4 player versus mode where there are two teams of two. Each team has an orb and has to take down the other team's orb. Eventually this boss idea ended up on a boss battle with some sort of rival characters for the angels.


So now there's sort of this secret boss fight with two demon sisters and an orb of their own. This idea right now to me feels like the thing that has been missing in Super Sky Sisters. I think once I get this boss fight working, and I tie it into the game, the game will finally feel "whole" to me. Also it gave me some ideas for a basic story of the game as well, which I now think I'm going to approach with some simple illustration cut scenes with some brief text.

Now I think this is the official last thing I'm going to be adding to the game. I've pushed the game pretty far in the past two months and I'm pretty happy with my progress. I think this final secret mission type thing is what the game needs to feel complete. Thanks to everyone in the twitch chat for the brainstorming help!
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