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Otter Examples

Otter Examples
Making use of Couch CMS I've finally gotten around to making an example page for Otter!

The first three examples are a very basic introduction to setting up Otter and using it to start putting stuff on the screen. I plan on adding examples every so often since the videos I made a long time ago are now sort of outdated. Otter continues to grow and evolve over time so it's tough to keep a solid set of examples to go with it. For example the controller class has gone through some changes over the past year which makes a lot of the tutorials written for it outdated. Hopefully I can keep examples up to date though using Couch.

Just a little bit about CouchCMS too: this is one of the coolest things I've used in my web dev days. I really wish I had tried it earlier because I think it's going to forever replace my need to write my own CMS every time I make a new site for myself. It really seems to cover everything and it feels way easier to customize than something like Wordpress or Tumblr. Sure it might not be as powerful as those right off the bat, but I think Couch really fits my style more. It also comes with an awesome file uploader and browser which makes image and file uploading a breeze. It makes everything a breeze! You should definitely check it out if you do web work of any kind.
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