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Otter Updates

Otter Updates
Some quick Otter updates!

* OnAdded() timing has been changed for Entities. When an Entity is added to a Scene the OnAdded() method is now called after the Entity has updated its component lists. This is so that a component can register with the Entity's OnAdd method before the Entity is added to the Scene.

* Added GetTopEntity() and GetBottomEntity(). These methods allow you to pass in a bunch of Entities and find the top most and bottom most entity in the rendering.

* Added GetComponent() shortcut methods to Component.

* Added CollideEntities<T> method that will return a list of a specific type of Entity.

* Possible graphics changes. I want to explore the possibility of reworking the rendering system to allow for multiple transformations to be applied to graphics. This would possibly allow easier parent to child relationship transformations and more. Mostly because I noticed when working on games that I want to have multiple scales, rotations, and translations applied to graphics at times, and it would be nice if Otter had built in support for it.

That's all for now!

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