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Dev Log: Stats Stuff

Dev Log: Stats Stuff
Why does it feel like making menus and interface stuff for a game takes three times the amount of work to actually make the game itself? I'm trying to churn through these menus and stuff as fast as I can, and I got some ideas for how to even make more work for myself... but for now here's the stats screen for Sky Sisters.


Pretty simple compared to what I originally wanted, but I realized that not every single little thing needs to be tracked. For example there was a lot more stats per enemy, but then as I played the game I realized that you're only interacting with enemies only a small portion of the time, so I reduced it down to just how many times each player has killed an enemy.


Some stats can be displayed for each player by holding down tab or a shoulder button on the controllers while on the stats screen. This may not actually matter, but I thought it would be a neat thing to have (and that's how things pile up on my to do list under neat things to have and I spend all my time trying to get all of them in.)

Okay only two more menu screens to go, one of them is pretty straight forward and the other is complicated as hell so we'll see where I end up with that next week!
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