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Dev Log: Fades and Menus

Dev Log: Fades and Menus
Working away at some of the menu stuff for Super Sky Sisters. Every time I have to code menus it amazes me how long it takes compared to making the actual game. I think I spend as much time on menus as I do actually coding the game play which feels totally insane to me.


These menus are built for the preview or demo version of the game that I've been showing off, but at this point they'll probably be the final menus of the game once I add some more sprinklings of artwork to them.

I spent some time trying to figure out a cool fade out and fade in effect using clouds and a sky type thing, but honestly I everything I tried with clouds fading in looked like crap. So I went for the simple style of having diamonds fill in the screen for the fade which looks super neat and is really easy to do. I just render a square graphic that's been rotated a bunch of times over the screen, and the scale of that graphic is controlled by a value in my Overlay entity, so to fade in and out I just tween that value between 0 and 1.

My to do list is getting pretty short, so hopefully I'll have the game done this month! (Except for audio, whoops.)
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