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Dev Log: Otter Updates!

Dev Log: Otter Updates!
In case you didn't know I have a free to use open source 2d game making framework named Otter. It's built on top of SFML.NET and uses C#. Here are some recent changes available in the dev branch!

* Color.AddCustom() and Color.Custom() added. This is a handy way to define custom colors by Enum and later retrieve them. I didn't like making my own static colors class for each project to keep track of my custom colors, so I added some functionality to the Color class.

* BitmapFonts have been almost finalized. They should be usable now for the most part and you should be able to import fonts from a handful of different editors. You can check out what editors are supported in the class itself with the Enum BitmapDataType.

* RichText has been updated and fixed once again. I guess I've been doing kerning wrong all this time and I think I finally have it corrected. RichTextCharacters also have some new values to play with like their X and Y offset positions, scale and rotation and more.

* Added Enum.HasFlag() as an extension method. This is a handy way to check if an Enum with a [Flags] attribute contains a specific flag. I guess you can use this if you're not comfortable looking at the bitwise operators or whatever they're called (I sure am not!)

* Shader.AddParameter() is now available to register your shader parameters as an Enum. Now you can just define it once and use the Enum everywhere which should reduce pesky typos when working with shaders.

* StateMachine has been scrapped and StateMachine<> has been upgraded a little bit. It's now possible to use a stack of States in a StateMachine<> and it will run the top most state. Also now if you call ChangeState (or if you push and/or pop states) during a StateMachine's update function the StateMachine will wait until the update has finished before applying the state change!

* Fixed a typo in the Shader class whoops (SetParamter?)

* Surfaces now have their Display() function exposed. This is crucial in using a Surface that doesn't render at all, like if you're using a Surface as input to a Shader. Without calling Display() the texture will be upside down.

* Updated Collider and Entity and Graphics with more stuff like SetPosition(), SetOrigin(), and other handy stuff.

* Surface.SaveToFile() will now automatically save with a timestamp file name as a png if you don't specify an output file path. Handy for taking a bunch of screenshots during a session.

* NineSlice has some new utility functions like SetBorderPadding. I found it easier to define the areas of a NineSlice object in this way instead of trying to figure out what the bounds of the rectangle inside the texture was.

* RichText now will always round its origin since setting the origin to a 0.5f value results in blurry text!

* Fixed a bad bug in the PolygonCollider which resulted in the collider not using the transformed polygon for collision checks.

* Added 3D Audio support thanks to Fruckert.

* Lots of little bug fixes and tuning changes here and there.

Once again this is all available on the dev branch. I'll be pushing a whole bunch of changes to main branch as soon as I can sit down and write some documentation up for the new and changed stuff.
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