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Otter Updates 0.9.6

Otter Updates 0.9.6
Otter is slowly approaching the big 1.0.0 moment, and I've been tinkering with it little by little trying to fix bugs that pop up. I've also been using the dev branch so you can see my updates as I make them. Otherwise the default branch is supposed to be the "stable" one, and every once in awhile I merge the dev branch in with the default one.

Here's some of the recent changes and fixes!

* Text now has CenterTextOrigin() in an attempt to find the center of the actual text, and not the full bounding box.

* RichText also now has CenterTextOrigin()

* Fixed Text bug that would cause text to jitter when the height of the tallest character was changed.

* Fixed the same issue in RichText.

* Tilemaps have had some improvements in their performance for looking up tiles.

* Tilemaps can now use Enums for their layers.

* Fixed bugs with accessing tiles out of range in a Tilemap. Tiles are now automatically clamped inside of the limits of the Tilemap.

* Tilemap GetTiles() will return a list of TileInfo objects for every tile on a specific layer.

* GridCollider now has a Clear() function

* GridColliders can now load collision data from a Tilemap, using a specific layer on the Tilemap.

* Fixed a bug with not updating Graphics when their alpha was changed.

* Game's "SmoothAll" value should now actually affect Textures. Considering changing this to a static value on Texture.

* Fixed crash bug with Surface's SaveToFile() function.

* Updated the Glide Tween Library to the latest revision.

* Updated the documentation.

That's all for now. If you have any issues you can post on the forums and that'll be the easiest way to get help. Hope everyone out there is having fun with the engine!
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