@larsiusprime Also lack of community really. May be a grass is always greener effect when I see other people's engines and stuff ;p (Today)

@sgricci Do you only track tangible output then? (Today)

@sgricci So for contract work or do you also track personal projects? (Today)

@YourLocalFax I basically would spend a long time on it and nobody else would use it but me and I'd feel pretty screwed haha (Today)

@larsiusprime Ugggh yeah there's monogame but I tried that and didn't like it that much before going to SFML, which isn't very portable. (Today)

@larsiusprime I want to write code in C# and have it do magic to work in HTML5 and android and whatever else. (Today)

@xyrer seems more like AS3 to me and I don't very much like using AS3 :I (Today)

@nico_m__ using visual studio, coroutines, and just the fact that I'm super used C# and it seems like it's used a lot. (Today)

@TateErik Otter is too high level ;o (Today)

@YellowAfterlife Monogame seems kinda nice but some things seem pretty weird to me like rendering primitives. (Today)

Ohhh how I wish there was something like openFL haxe or whatever but all C# (Today)

@neauoire @C418 yeah sure, can invite the same email (Today)

@ACMenes I've been using t.co/sXmuiop8tj for tracking for almost a year now, super easy to use. (Today)

@neauoire @C418 coooool I'm on gchat pulverk@gmail.com or just regular email at that same address if that works for you (Today)

Does anyone out there do detailed time tracking on their work? If so I am interested in talking about it with you! ;D (Today)

RT @theBanov: ICYMI, @CoinCrypt's 50% off + new expansion came out this week. Deck-building roguelike! t.co/mmT1HqqS76 t.co/i… (Yesterday)

@saint11 c'mon be unsafe what's the worst that can happen (2 days ago)

@NoelFB @theBanov rip rip rip in peace (2 days ago)

@TeddyDief there would be a lot of public safety ads about not getting telefragged (2 days ago)

@soylent I placed an order for 2.0 back on 9/20 and haven't heard anything since "Label Created." Didn't hear back from support either :( (2 days ago)


2014 - 4 - 16 / 4:58 pm / general

Dev Log: Quick Lighting Test

Dev Log: Quick Lighting Test

As a quick experiment I wanted to see how Otter would be equipped to handle a simple lighting set up. The basic set up is just a big render texture that is filled with a dark color with a blend mode set to multiply. Then light is rendered to the render texture with a blend mode of additive. The result is a layer of shadow that can have light rendered to it.


The code for this set up right now is pretty straight forward as well. I'm using a black and white image for the light. Just a black rectangle with a white radial gradient in the center.

Here's some sample code to show how this effect is achieved with Otter!

//set up the surface
public Surface SurfaceLighting = new Surface(Game.Instance.Width, Game.Instance.Height, new Color("379")) {
Blend = BlendMode.Multiply

//set up the light
public Image ImageLight = new Image(Assets.ImageLight1) {
Blend = BlendMode.Add

//add the surface to an entity to render it
//this happens in an object's initialization

//render light to the surface
//this happens in a Render() function
ImageLight.Color = Color.White;
Draw.Graphic(ImageLight, Input.MouseX, Input.MouseY);
ImageLight.Color = Color.Red;
Draw.Graphic(ImageLight, Input.MouseX + 500, Input.MouseY);
ImageLight.Color = Color.Blue;
Draw.Graphic(ImageLight, Input.MouseX - 500, Input.MouseY);


2014 - 4 - 17 12:29 PM


Did you cut parts of the code? Because it seems really odd to me that a function contains public fields.


2014 - 4 - 17 1:30 PM


Yes, hence the comments.


2014 - 4 - 17 2:59 PM


...goddammit I overlooked that


2014 - 4 - 18 7:39 PM




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