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Dev Log: Ogmo Integration

Dev Log: Ogmo Integration
I'm starting to put together a quick example game for my C# SFML framework during the Ludum Dare weekend of jam madness, and part of this will be Ogmo Editor integration, YEAH!


Loading XML seems to be pretty straight forward so far in C#, but I do miss some of the XML features of AS3. Right now in that image I'm just loading a grid collider and a tile map from the XML data in Ogmo, and the green box is a player that can run around and collide with the tiles.

For this example project I'm just going to make a quick and easy platforming and collecting game. I want to make it as complete of an example as I can, and not just a single level room. Multiple levels, menus, saving and loading, stats... I want all that kinda stuff in this example so people can see a sort of "complete" game made with my framework.

I'm hoping to have this done fairly soon, but on Wednesday I'm taking off for PAX and I don't think I'm going to be working on anything during those four days of insanity.


Jesse Chounard
Jesse Chounard
You're getting close to some of my favorite stuff in C#. Have you looked into reflection at all? If not, you can do some really cool stuff, like look for a class by name at runtime, and create an instance of that class.

When I was working on my last map loader, I added code that would read in some sort of data from the xml, and then try to find a matching class for that data and automatically create an entity. If it can't be found, it's just generic data to be processed as normal.

If you get really fancy, you can extend your program by having it load dlls at runtime, and then you don't have to recompile the game. You can add new objects/enemies just by adding text to xml files, and dumping new dlls into a folder.

Now that I'm working in C++ again, reflection is the thing I miss most from C#. It's really awesome stuff.
Posted August 25th 2013 3:00 PM
Yeah! Actually I am starting to look into reflection stuff for this because I wanted it sooo badly when I was working in AS3. I'm sure it's going to make it a lot easier than having to register every possible class a map could contain before loading... I had a pretty sweet system in AS3 after a lot of work, but it still wont compare to what's possible with C# :D
Posted August 25th 2013 11:30 PM
Looking sweet! I love C#, it's a beautiful language.

I just started with FlashPunk and wanted to say thanks for your tutorials and code snippets. Helped me a lot to get started quickly. :-)
Posted August 27th 2013 2:41 AM
Awesome! That reminds me, I still have more Flashpunk stuff to share at some point after I get this C# framework out ;D
Posted August 28th 2013 9:20 AM
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