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Dog Face No Space


Oh my GOD I am now a Twitch emoticon! YEAH! If you type DogFace into any Twitch chat you get my beautiful visage.

Why DogFace? Well, it's a pretty long story, but it has something to do with me adding a tribute to FrankerZ on Steam. When I added trading cards and emoticons to Steam through Offspring Fling, one of the emoticons I added was a tribute to FrankerZ, a Twitch emoticon used heavily by the speed running community. I added it because I love the emoticon as much as the speed runners do, and since Offspring Fling had a speed running element I figured it would be awesome to reference the speed running community with an emoticon. (Also, I chose :dogface: for the Steam emoticon because a lot times people in Twitch chat try to troll new users by typing "FrankerZ = Dog Face (no space)")

At first there was an issue with me using an emoticon that looked like FrankerZ, so I had to remove it, but then after some more communication and help from a Twitch admin, Horror, I was able to get the okay to use it on Steam. After the dust had settled and the twitter outcry to free FrankerZ was over, Horror figured it would be pretty funny to wrap up the story with putting me on Twitch... so there I am! DogFace on Twitch is me, and :dogface: on Steam is my tribute to FrankerZ and the speed running community. All's well that ends well!


Posted July 26th 2021 8:44 AM
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