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Dev Log: SFML C# Progress


Nothing too exciting for a blog post today unfortunately, just a quick update on my SFML C# progress. Over the weekend I was able to add tile maps roughly following the tutorial right on the SFML website about using vertex arrays for custom shapes.

It was surprisingly straight forward to get a tile map with custom vertex arrays rolling. My first attempt actually involved using a render target. I rendered all the tiles directly to the render target, then used that target as a texture for another sprite. In theory this works well enough but the size of render target's is limited by the video card. On my main PC workstation I can make a render texture of 16000 something pixels, but my laptop can only handle 8000 something pixels, so this seemed like a dangerous way to do it. I switched to the vertex array thing and now I am super excited to try out different applications of the vertex arrays.

Still on my list of things to do are animations, tweening, collisions, and texture atlas support, as well as Ogmo Editor support. Plus probably a lot of refactoring. When the framework is lookin' better I'll release the source publicly so people can laugh at my code and help improve it or use it.
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