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Dev Log: Demon Sisters Intro

Dev Log: Demon Sisters Intro
The time of procrastinating on this is OVER! This week I finally tackled one of my big remaining tasks for Super Sky Sisters: The intro sequence for the Demon Sister battle! (Mega spoilers, whoops, but hey, you're reading a dev blog so you get to know all the secrets.)

Here's the start of it:


The rest of it I'm going to put behind the "read more" link since these gifs get pretty hefty. For whatever reason my motivation was way up this week! So I was able to knock this out pretty quickly (just two days of time, yeehaw!) I think I gained a lot of spirit from the demo I did last Saturday where people really enjoyed the game.

Anyway to check out the rest of it, hit that read more link already.


All of the runes that the players gathered all appear and cause some sort of chain reaction.


Everything goes crazy.


And there they are!

My goal now is to finish the game by PAX so I can show people there, and maybe also maybe get some little postcards or something to hand out. Should be fun!
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