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What I'm up to: September Edition

What I'm up to: September Edition
I just got back from PAX Prime up in Seattle and I'm realizing how little on post on my super fancy blog, so this post is going to be an attempt to fix all of that. I've been up to a lot of various things in the last couple months and I'm going to try to sum them all up in a single blog post, YEAH!

PAX Prime 2011

I just got back from PAX last week and I'm still feeling exhausted in all dimensions. Retro Affect had a booth in the expo hall to show off the latest build of Snapshot, so once again I got to go to a really cool video games conference thing with an exhibitor badge and feel all super cool and important. On top of that, Snapshot was selected for the PAX10 which means we got a second booth to manage.


We ended up bringing a total of 7 people to PAX in order to help keep up with the insanity of running two booths at the same time for 3 days straight. It was pretty intense but somehow everyone survived, and we got a handful of press mentions about Snapshot during and after the show. A lot of people are really excited about it, which makes me excited (and nervous) about it. Special thanks goes out to the Closure dudes, the PAX enforcers, everyone that played Snapshot, and our very own gold enforcer assistant for the weekend, Andrew. This guy went out of his way to get us headache medicine, eating utensils, and lunch throughout the weekend, so mad props to you dawg.




So on the subject on Snapshot, a lot of what I've been up to lately is working on, and hopefully finishing Snapshot. (I'm linking to Snapshot every chance I get to help our search engine ranking, YEAH!) We've been always making progress with the game and we're always going further and further with it, but sometimes it feels so endless, but recently it doesn't feel that way! The three of us working on the game recently sat down and played through the entire thing (or what we have so far) and assembled a list of things that need to be done before the game can be shipped. The list ended up being pretty massive but we're already making pretty fast progress cutting it down. We're looking at getting Snapshot into the public's hands by early next year!

Offspring Fling


One of my side projects has evolved into a pretty huge game over the past few months. What started out as a simple prototype at a game jam over Mothers Day weekend has evolved into a 100+ level puzzle platformer that will take the world by storm.


Offspring Fling is a super awesome flash game that I'm working on solo, with assistance in the music department from the lovely Alec Holowka. I'll be posting some more info and sweet media from the game as it gets closer to being finished, but for now just enjoy these sample screenshots. (Oh, and I might be looking for a sponsorship for this game at some point, so we'll see how that goes!)


Return to DeviantArt

I've been drawing a lot more recently, and I wanted a place to just throw up all my random junk that I doodle from time to time. On my site I like to keep only the images that I think are the best of my work, and I have a whole lot of stuff that I just never show except to just a handful of people, but now I think I want to be a little bit more public with all of my art and not just the super "finished" looking stuff.


So with that I've reopened my old DeviantArt account that I haven't used since ... high school, I think. I'm still not sure if I'm going to stick with this because sometimes the deviant art community scares me a little bit, but we'll see how things go. I'm going to be uploading just a few images at a time from my current archive of stuff, as well as mixing in new stuff, so if you want to keep up with anything that my wacom tablet generates then do one of those +watch things on me.

Phoenix Arcade Cabinet

About 2 months ago the IGDA Phoenix chapter got their hands on an arcade cabinet that will be re-purposed into some sort of local developer game showcase. Well, it's either going to be that, or be turned into a Winnitron... I'm still not sure. The Winnitron is pretty awesome, and showcasing a lot of indie games would be a lot of fun, but at the same time I also want to make something that brings local developers more into the spotlight.

Currently we have all the parts and pieces that we need, but we still need to cut up some wood and assemble some things together, as well as get a PC to run it, before it becomes totally operational. Right now it resides in a living room surrounded by a bunch of boxes with parts in them, and a super old Windows 2000 computer that can barely manage to run MAME and not much else... the computer also had a Gorillaz CD in it for some reason. Someone is probably looking for it.


I've added a new website to my design page! A lovely little site for the upcoming TIGJam, which is a game jam that is held to celebrate the TIGSource Community! It's going to be chaos and mayhem and maybe at the end of it I'll have yet another new game prototype... or maybe I'll try to finish one of my many lingering prototypes that are super cool but I still haven't shared them with the world.


Many years ago, June 2009 to be precise, I made a little game called Jottbots with an artist by the name of J Otto. The game was made for the ARTxGAME collective, and a gallery opening at Giant Robot over in LA town, and the game has never been available to the public... but that's all going to change SOON.


I'm currently working on getting a public build out soon, complete with music and sound effects. Hopefully within the next month you'll be able to play the elusive Jottobots that has been in hiding for more than 2 years.

Flash Game Port

And last but not least, one of my older and more popular games is being ported to Flash as I type this right now. I've already hinted at what it was, and a few people already know, but for now I'm going to leave it as a SECRET... until someone just guesses and figures it out.


So that's about it! As September gets rolling out I'm going to continue to have my hands full with a billion things, but hopefully I'll find some more time for my precious neglected blog. Until next time!
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