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Dev Log: What's Left?!

Dev Log: What's Left?!
Yes, the procrastination continues on the animations for Super Sky Sisters. I've been diving more into doing general drawing and art stuff lately and spending a lot of time with the ole Manga Studio... but this of course isn't really pushing the game closer to completion. I mean, this is pretty much all I have left:


The enemy animations task will be expanded for each enemy, but aside from that everything is pretty much straight forward. I am working a little bit on getting music and sound in there but with just placeholder stuff for each. Balancing the game is also proving to be a little difficult as it's really hard to see the effects of each change without playing a bunch of full games.

I'm at the point of the project where I think I'm spending more time playing the game than working on it since a lot of what's left requires complete play session to test. Sometimes I toss around the idea of making a simple AI that will play the game but I feel like that's just going to be opening up a dark dimension of infinite iterations and procrastination.

I think I'm going to have to super buckle down and do some time boxing to finish this out.


hey kyle, dave beck here. just stumbled across your devblog, and was happy to see you were using trello. i'm trying it for the first time on my game, and happy so far with it. hoping to have my seniors use it for game design never year. can't wait to see your game released!
Posted June 1st 2015 8:44 PM
Yo Dave Beck! Trello is super great and I definitely recommend it for almost any task management type stuff. Thanks for stopping by ;D
Posted June 2nd 2015 3:19 AM
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