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Dev Log: Snakes in the Sky

Dev Log: Snakes in the Sky
Slowly getting the ball rolling again on Sky Sisters after my trip to San Francisco for Game Developers Conference. I ended up getting pretty sick during the week, but I actually didn't realize how sick I was until I got back. Whoops!

So now I'm recovering from being sick and getting back into coding. I really hate being pulled away from projects for stuff like travel, even though traveling is a lot of fun. It takes me so long to get back into working on a project, especially when the code base is getting bigger and bigger, and Sky Sisters's code base isn't even that huge! (Actually it might already be larger than Offspring Fling, haha!)


I'm now working on the third and final boss that the game will feature. This one is going to be a big snake kinda guy that will crawl around the screen taking shots at the players and their orb. I kinda just feel out the design of these bosses by just throwing stuff into the game and seeing what it inspires, and I'm pretty excited to see where this boss goes!

Back to work!
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