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@ChevyRay Watching the series for the first time and just watched that episode tonight haha (Yesterday)

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i thought it would be fun to take some time and write a little journal for my pathfinder campaign character and uhh… t.co/D6M6iTyjkj (3 days ago)

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@konjak you too? I'm getting like 3 of these a day from different emails mostly trying to impersonate streamers and youtubers. (4 days ago)

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@ADAMATOMIC @MattThorson as the romans once said resteroni in pepperoni (5 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC me irl (6 days ago)

@bvms300000 indeed it does, but it is the 1% of indie platformers that have slopes ;_; (6 days ago)

@ADAMATOMIC theres something unique about the terror of finding out that something you thought was working the entire time has never worked (6 days ago)

@dws24520 fact (6 days ago)

@konjak i wanna play it :B (7 days ago)

@droqen these last two weeks fake key requests have sky rocketed for my stuff. new wave of bots gettin' aggressive or somethin' (7 days ago)

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2011 - 2 - 9 / 3:38 pm / general

Here we go!

Here we go!

YEAH! After a million years of not having an active website, I finally got a new one up. It only took months of working on it to get it going this time. Now you can find all my games, websites, and artwork in one place, yay! I ended up writing a whole 'nother back end system from scratch for this website since I'm too stubborn to use Wordpress or anything like that.

Aside from the basic php, mySQL, html, css, etc, here are some nifty things that I used on this site that are super cool!

A super awesome light weight javascript framework or something like that. It makes a lot of stuff a lot easier to do, and a lot easier to understand. Most of the other effects on the site rely on jQuery as a foundation.

A pretty rad light box type thing. I always have a hard time getting light boxes to work on my sites but this one actually worked right out of the zip file on the first try. It looks nice and loads pretty fast too.

An image slider that makes cycling images really easy for most of the entries on my "stuff" page. Very simple and easy to understand, with lots of options to modify it. It's also really easy to style with css, which is a big plus for me.

A css framework that I live by these days. It makes arranging websites into a clean grid super easy to do and takes a lot of the stress off of figuring out css voodoo to get stuff aligned in columns. This site obviously uses a custom size, which comes from the css generator on 960.gs.

A php template engine from beyond the stars. If you work with any sort of php code for makin' websites, then you need to be using Smarty.

Alright, that should do it for the grand opening post. And yes, I know that the background illustration is too big for your monitor. I like to think of it as a bonus if you stretch it out across two monitors, or if you just have a really huge wide screen single monitor. DEAL WITH IT. ;D

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2011 - 2 - 12 3:57 PM


the ultimate "first post"! yay!


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