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posts dated from: october 2013

Dev Log: Quick Prototype Testing


Just playing around with things today -- I figured it would be a cool test to implement some Offspring Fling stuff in my C# framework. It was surprisingly easy to pull off and only took me about 2 or 3 hours to get to this point (and a lot of that time was spent debugging some errors I made in my Ogmo Editor helper class, WHOOPS.)

Right now I'm working on the ever so annoying bug of the game rendering once before it updates once. It's proving to be pretty difficult to hunt down even when I wrote the damn thing myself (FlashPunk had this problem too.)

Oh and if anyone out there listening wants advanced access to my framework before I publicly release it then let me know. I'm looking for a handful of people that will tinker around with it! (You can use the form at the bottom of my site to contact me, or send an email to hi@kpulv.com.)