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Humble TowerFall Invitational

Humble TowerFall Invitational
Just got back from Game Developers Conference last night! I'll be writing up some sort of thoughts and feels post about it soon, but for now enjoy some matches from the TowerFall Invitational put on by Humble Bundle this year!

Greg Lobanov vs Matt Thorson

Me vs Connor Ullmann

Me vs Frederic Tarabout

The tournament was absolutely incredible this year. We had over 70 entrants in the whole thing all playing 1v1 best out of 3 (and the grand finals were best out of 5.) It was hosted at Folsom Street Foundry which was just an amazing venue to say the least. I really hope this continues and becomes a solidified GDC tradition!


very cool stuff, i wish more people cared about this game !
Posted October 24th 2023 9:51 AM
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