@realdragondude why finish it when I just won the gold medal (Today)

@bobrocks951 never say never :o (Today)

@grtoth I should be streaming again on wednesday :O (Today)

@AmphibiousMusic I love watching music streams! I'm always trying to learn more about how musics are made. (Today)

@thegamedesigner ohh thanks :3 (Today)

@FourbitFriday dang dude that would've brought in a lot of viewers (Today)

@bobrocks951 kpulv trick jumps reserved for another project :o (Today)

@VoidfoxTV It's a local co-op shmup arcade survival kinda deal (Today)

new attack from bosses in super sky sisters :O (normally chases you for a long time but I'm debugging stuff) t.co/nw5LGhoGOD (Today)

Definitely diggin' streaming dev stuff. If I start the day with a few hours of streaming it can set the tone for productivity later!!1 (Today)

RT @nicterhorst: Eventually in a project, you'll say "I hate this, it sucks". If you don't keep working, it'll suck & be unfinished https:/… (Today)

dunno what I'm working on today or if I'll get anything done but I'll try streaming anyhow yahhoooooo t.co/hahg74nLLw (Today)

Denvis Broncman is the super man!! (Yesterday)

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@AndroidArts my favorite Gameboy game!! (3 days ago)

@KingOfElks aaaah this is amazing (4 days ago)

@MoviusC I guess to me different maps is just too many variables when the game seems to be about mastering the dexterity components. (4 days ago)

@MoviusC how does anyone play 4v4 and then want that ranked aaauaugh (4 days ago)

@MoviusC ugh I hate different maps. Wasteland suckssss (4 days ago)

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2016 - 1 - 28 / 1:43 pm / general

Dev Log: Arranging Pixels

Dev Log: Arranging Pixels

I've been taking kind of a longer break from coding than I would like, but I suppose while I'm able to I can just roll with the punches and do whatever my weird brain wants to do. I've tried to refocus on my dice RPG like game by trying to figure out some art stuff for it.


I've been drawing from some Zelda games as inspiration for this top downish kind of view. My idea is that there will be an overworld area and when you encounter an enemy it goes into the dice battle. The overworld will also have other neat interactions with the dice that I haven't totally figured out yet, but I have some rough ideas.

One thing I'm stuggling with is just the overall screen size of the game and trying to do pixel art. I need a high-ish resolution for the dice, I feel, because I want them to have large icons and be very readable, and I also need room for a lot of UI stuff... but this big screen resolution means the overworld can look pretty zoomed out. Right now each movement tile size is 32 pixels, while each art tile is 16 pixels.

I'm trying to put the overworld "game" into a smaller portion on the screen of 640 x 480 because I actually like 4 x 3 way better for 2d games, and I'm trying to compensate for the "zoomed out" feeling. I could try increasing the tilesize, but 64 pixels is too large, and 48 pixels feels weird (it's not a power of 2, blasphemy!)

I think I'll roll with this idea for now, and put a bunch of hud and menu stuff over on the left. I kinda think back on how Desktop Dungeons did it with a square game view and the side of the screen being all HUD, and I think that works out nicely.

The size of your screen and how many "tiles" fit across horizontally and vertically can very heavily inform the feeling of your game! Limiting how "far" the player can see is a very important thing to consider, as it will then inform all of your level design and art choices. That's... probably a rant for another time though.

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2016 - 1 - 20 / 3:14 pm / general

Dev Log: Crap

Dev Log: Crap

Ugh I am pretty deep into whatever funk this is. I've tried starting up a few tasks today but to no avail really. I went through my list of stuff for some of my projects and tried grinding on a few of them with little to no actual progress to be found.

Today is one of those days where it feels like I get insanely frustrated at every little thing that doesn't turn out right. Everything feels like it's falling apart, nothing is working, and everything I try to create just turns out totally wrong, and I never know how to fix it.

I figure it would be healthier to share some of my thoughts rather than just keep them all to myself. Even right now I just feel so tired but I've accomplished a whole lot of nothing, so why am I so tired! Even that in itself is incredibly frustrating... I have no idea what I'm doing. I guess it's just another bad day.


2016 - 1 - 19 / 12:53 pm / general

Dev Log: Poop

Dev Log: Poop

Trying to do creative stuff as my job isn't all puppies and rainbows unfortunately. Sometimes I just get into a pretty bad state of mind and my productivity plummets. It's a huge bummer too, because December was one of my best months in a long time as far as spending time productively goes.

Sometimes it just feels like a switch in my brain gets flipped and all the happiness and excitement I felt toward working on a project suddenly just becomes the opposite. It becomes anxiety and dread. Heck, even writing this blog post took way more energy than it should.

It's sort of a self sustaining cycle of bad vibes. I start to feel down about something, which results in me not getting a lot of stuff done as I usually do, which then results in me feeling bad about not getting a lot of stuff done. I'm not really sure how to fix it... but sitting down and writing this out is one of my attempts to.

I'm going to try to be more aggressive in shutting off distractions around me. Social medias, people streaming video games, all that kinda stuff. It is at some points useful, but when I start to drown my sorrows in them is when it becomes a problem.

I wish I just knew how to work all the time and not get these dumb feelings. Sometimes I feel so jealous of all the folks that are just able to sit down and grind out hours and hours of code and art seemingly without any issue. I feel like I'm the worst game developer ever! But hopefully sometime after this I wont feel this way anymore, and I'll look back on this post and be like "why did I write that, ugh."

Here's a screenshot of something which is better than just a picture of me staring into the endless void.



2015 - 12 - 27 / 9:22 am / general

Dev Log: Dice Bags

Dev Log: Dice Bags

Work continues on this dice RPG thing that has been in my brain for a long time. I've been working on a lot of stuff but neglecting to post about it, but here's a quick shot of some recent progress:


At the end of the battle if any enemies dropped any new dice for you to grab you can choose to add them to your dice bag. So right now the game uses a generic dice inventory user interface that can be loaded with different sets of dice. The dice that the enemies drop are loaded on the left side, and the player's dice bag are loaded on the right. You can also bring up your dice inventory any time in the overworld screen, and I'll actually probably end up turning the dice inventory screen on the overworld into the main menu that shows all your stats and what not.

It's been a lot of fun working on this prototype and hopefully that continues for awhile. I figure once I hit a wall with this I can go back and finally finish Super Sky Sisters like I was supposed to a billion years ago.


2015 - 12 - 18 / 11:38 am / general

Dev Log: Console Commands

Dev Log: Console Commands

This week has been pretty productive but I've neglected to keep up on my blog posts! I'm making pretty good progress and I've started trying out organizing my task list into week by week chunks. I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep my motivation up when I know I have a billion things to do, and I think just sorting tasks on a per week basis is a good start... maybe more on that some other time though!

For now this post is about using Otter's debug console to help run through battles in my current prototype.


I have a bunch of commands for manipulating the stats of different actors during the battle, and also some debug commands for stuff like winning an entire battle (for testing all that end of battle result screen type stuff.)

Also as I worked on this I realized that not a lot of people know about the debug console in Otter, so hopefully my next post coming up will be an Otter example regarding the console.

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2015 - 12 - 12 / 2:19 pm / general

Dev Log: Rolling Around

Dev Log: Rolling Around

Some things are starting to take form in my current prototype. You may be able to see what is going on now more clearly:


Some elements may be familiar with stuff I've posted over the past ... year? Ugh how does time keep moving so fast. Anyway, I have most of the basic battle stuff down now and I'll be working on some more menus and such for when a battle ends. There is a little bit of an "overworld" right now but it's just a big grid with some monsters to fight.

I'm going to hold back talking too much about it still and just keep working on stuff to hopefully show in animated gif form!

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