@adventureface the conspiracy continues t.co/bhdixPnAiE (Today)

@MattThorson I love how mario just looks really confused (Yesterday)

@LocalNashiora I might have to take my search to the real world which is going to be a pain -_- (Yesterday)

@Livelyivy yeah dang I should have bought 6 pairs when I had the chance (Yesterday)

@gabetelepak I knew I should have bought the entire stock of hot pink pants on ebay two years ago... (Yesterday)

@MoviusC do you want to join my team of investigators (Yesterday)

@aurahack @MllePilgrim @TeddyDief my god i look away for a second and my mentions are blowing up with horrifying imagery (Yesterday)

@gabetelepak yeah I'm after something more like this t.co/zZMauk7Mk3 (Yesterday)

every link I click for "mens pink pants" leads to 404 every image I find leads to a totally different product page how far does this all go (Yesterday)

@legobutts not seeing any on their internets (Yesterday)

@ianlennonford whooaa cool this looks cute as heck :O (Yesterday)

@TeddyDief FAIR guess I need to learn how to make my own clothes now (Yesterday)

@TeddyDief yeah I saw that "video game clothes" store online and it's like "link's tunic: five trillion dollars" (Yesterday)

@TeddyDief why do all clothes SUCK someday we'll have clothes as cool as jrpgs (Yesterday)

@y2bcrazy rainbow is hard to match with other stuff I think (Yesterday)

@Livelyivy haha they're so done. they're going to fade away to nothingness soon unless I do some heavy patching work. (Yesterday)

the internet has everything except for pink pants for guys that aren't a weird salmon color or weak pastel bullshit (Yesterday)

@ChevyRay is there a difference to you between the entire game freezing or action freezing but effect animations still going? (Yesterday)

@ChevyRay Huh interesting this is like my favorite thing ever :o (Yesterday)

@ChevyRay the very best (2 days ago)

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2016 - 10 - 20 / 2:22 pm / general

Dev Log: Progress Markers

Dev Log: Progress Markers

One of the things I realized when watching people play Sky Sisters is that people need some sort of indicator for how far they've gone in the game, and what's coming up ahead. Most of the time play sessions went well enough, but I wanted to more clearly indicate the pacing of the game.


I decided to change the pacing of how often boss fights happen. Before it was kind of an arbitrary and slightly random method. It would count how many "event bags" the player went through and then spawn a boss every so often based on how many completed bags there were. This ended up in varied pacing as to when a boss would arrive, and I didn't like how sometimes a boss would show up at 2 minutes and other times maybe 4 minutes. I changed it to be a strict "when the players complete X events, queue up a boss fight," and this seems to be working out better.


This little progress bar indicates how far along the players are until the next boss fight. It is hard to tell sometimes if knowing exactly when a looming threat is coming is good or not, but I think in this case it can be a good tension builder. The players can also know if they just survive for a little bit longer they can defeat the boss and take the exit portal.

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2016 - 10 - 19 / 12:05 am / general

Dev Log: Procrastination and Anxities

Dev Log: Procrastination and Anxities

Wow this has been a month, hasn't it?

I kinda dropped off the face of the planet again. I had a dangerous combo of a little bit of anxiety followed by a visit from my family. This full combo took out about two weeks of time. Whenever I take a long break from something it always takes me forever to get back into it, and that's what happened here. I took a long break from my dev stream and didn't really touch any Sky Sisters stuff. I get this build up of really bad anxiety that does everything in its power to stop me from working on stuff again.

I'm climbing back in the saddle now though at least. I started on some bug fixes in Sky Sisters and started working on some last lingering tasks. I've started to dig more into distribution options for the game as well.

So, yeah, sorry. This happens in my brain sometime and it takes awhile to get over, but making this post should be a good lead into working again. I have a small trip coming up this weekend but hopefully that wont derail me too hard. I'm dreading the holiday season coming up though as that usually means total destruction of my work habits. I just hate how every time I fall off the rails at all it takes me forever to climb back on. I'm probably not the only one with this issue though!

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2016 - 9 - 30 / 2:50 pm / general

Dev Log: Upgrade Queued

Dev Log: Upgrade Queued

One of the main pieces of feedback I recieved about Sky Sisters was something like "it would be nice if the players had a proactive goal instead of just reactive goals." Meaning that instead of just dodging things all the time it would be cool if the players could work toward some goal.


Right now the idea is to have some sort of outline of a shape in the arena. The players can use the orb to trace that shape. Whenever a lap is completed the shape will change into something more complicated. Right now I have this tied to getting upgrades, which I'm still a little unsure of. The first time you complete a lap you unlock an upgrade. The second upgrade requires two laps, and every upgrade after that requires three laps. I have yet to try this out with two players though. I kind of like the upgrades always coming every 3 or so events, but it also seems like the most worthwhile reward that this shape tracing thing can give you.


This might have to go through a lot of refinement as right now even I find it tough to find time to complete laps around this thing during all the madness of the gameplay. Having a proactive goal though also introduces the problem of cheesing certain events so I have to come up with ways to address that as well. Basically I don't want the optimal strategy to be to leave events running as long as possible to get more upgrades. We'll see how this turns out through play testing, and this might have to be something I possibly address or change after the first release of the game.

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2016 - 9 - 29 / 7:13 pm / general

Dev Log: Enemy Shields

Dev Log: Enemy Shields

I keep mentioning ways to keep both players involved in the gameplay of Super Sky Sisters in my recent posts. Here's yet another way I've tried to address this issue!


I've introduced the ability for enemies to spawn with shields that can be either red or blue. These shields operate in the same way that the Orb shield does just placed on enemies instead of the Orb. It's a pretty straight forward challenge: red shields can be destroyed by player 1 and blue shields by player 2. This means that situations will develop in the game where you are forced to switch who is doing the shooting at times.


Another scenario that can arise as the game goes on is stacked enemy shields. Enemies can have more than one shield on them! So this makes switching who is doing the shooting even more important as now players will have to trade off multiple times in order to take down a single enemy.

So far I'm pretty happy how this change has effected the game, but I've yet to see it in an actual two player situation. I'm looking forward to my next play test opportunity as there's now a load of new things to test!

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2016 - 9 - 23 / 1:03 pm / general

Dev Log: Progression Progress

Dev Log: Progression Progress

One of the big ideas I had from PAX was changing out the unlockable system in Super Sky Sisters to something a little bit more straight forward. Before PAX the system would unlock things like special abilities and game modes based on achieving certain goals. Like beating the second boss would unlock something, or passing 100 game events would unlock another thing. Although I thought this idea was cool, I decided to scrap it to go for something way more obvious.

I want the points in Sky Sisters to feel like they're contributing to some sort of larger goal, so the new progression system uses the player's total score to unlock new stuff. I even made this fancy new menu screen that shows how far the players are getting.


I'm still trying to figure out how many points will be needed to get every level. For me right now it seems pretty well balanced but that usually means it's going to be way too difficult for the average player. I don't want unlocking things to take 50 hours of gameplay, but I do want the player to strive to improve their average score per session to unlock stuff faster.

For a long time I had no unlockables in Sky Sisters -- everything was available from the start, but over the past year I got a lot of feedback that suggested I should have some sort of unlocking system for two main reasons: One is that limiting the options of new players can be good for guiding them into the game, and the other is that players do really want that feeling of accomplishment of unlocking stuff even if it does feel like arbitrarily gating content. I am worried about the leaderboards feeling unfair to new players since they wont have all the options of long time players, but hopefully it wont take too long to unlock the same options.

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2016 - 9 - 21 / 5:45 pm / general

Dev Log: Super Star Effects

Dev Log: Super Star Effects

One of the main issues with Super Sky Sisters was the "star pad." I added this feature to the game to try and solve the problem of one player having "nothing" to do. How it works is every so often an energy circle will appear on the arena. If one player is inside of it, the other player will get a big boost to their attacks. This seemed like the perfect thing to add so that one player could try and help their ally by taking a position in the star pad, but the problem is that nobody understood what was going on.

A few people at PAX picked up on it, but overall I'd say about 90% of players didn't understand the use of the star pad, and even worse some confused it for something else (like healing.) To try and message it better I went back and added some more effects to the star pad. I have yet to actually test this so I'm not sure if it will work, but it does seem pretty dang better than before.


It should be pretty hard to miss what is happening here now, or at least I hope!

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