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Dev Log: Poop

Dev Log: Poop
Trying to do creative stuff as my job isn't all puppies and rainbows unfortunately. Sometimes I just get into a pretty bad state of mind and my productivity plummets. It's a huge bummer too, because December was one of my best months in a long time as far as spending time productively goes.

Sometimes it just feels like a switch in my brain gets flipped and all the happiness and excitement I felt toward working on a project suddenly just becomes the opposite. It becomes anxiety and dread. Heck, even writing this blog post took way more energy than it should.

It's sort of a self sustaining cycle of bad vibes. I start to feel down about something, which results in me not getting a lot of stuff done as I usually do, which then results in me feeling bad about not getting a lot of stuff done. I'm not really sure how to fix it... but sitting down and writing this out is one of my attempts to.

I'm going to try to be more aggressive in shutting off distractions around me. Social medias, people streaming video games, all that kinda stuff. It is at some points useful, but when I start to drown my sorrows in them is when it becomes a problem.

I wish I just knew how to work all the time and not get these dumb feelings. Sometimes I feel so jealous of all the folks that are just able to sit down and grind out hours and hours of code and art seemingly without any issue. I feel like I'm the worst game developer ever! But hopefully sometime after this I wont feel this way anymore, and I'll look back on this post and be like "why did I write that, ugh."

Here's a screenshot of something which is better than just a picture of me staring into the endless void.



Kirill Losev
Kirill Losev
I have something similar a couple of times during a year. For me it's like a apathy. During these periods I just can't do anything. Writing down in a text file everything that is in my mind somehow helps. Everything does not looks very bad, because I can see all of these things. It helps to not expand them into huge problems. And then it feels like I can solve it.

I hope it will help. Somehow :)
Posted January 20th 2016 1:34 AM
thanks :)
Posted January 20th 2016 2:55 PM
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