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Dev Log: Setting Up UI

Dev Log: Setting Up UI
I've been stuck on this for longer than I wanted to be, but one of the main things that I want to get working for my C# framework is easy to use UI stuff. I'm talking about super basic UI though. Right now I'm not even considering mouse input, only keyboard and controller input.


Basic menus are the only thing that I'm after right now. Eventually I want to have something that will allow for rapid construction of more elaborate stuff, but just organizing this code in a way that keeps it easy to use and generic is proving to be pretty difficult! My whole goal with any framework is to make to super fast for the purposes of game jams -- game jamming is the true stress test of any game development software or framework in my opinion!

I just trashed a bunch of code that I wrote over the past couple of days, and I'm changing my approach a little bit. I ran into a wall when it came to having menus inside menus and only wanting one of those menus to have focus, so now I'm reworking it so that each time I want to make a menu system I have to load it all up inside a base UIManager class. That class is a Component that can be added to any Entity in the game, so all I have to do is have an Entity in a Scene with that Component. Maybe that sounds a little complicated... but I think I'm on to something here! I haven't been able to find many resources on how to go about doing this though, so I'm just flying blind.

Not the most exciting update in the world, but it's pretty hard to make UI coding exciting.
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